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Glory Winner International Ltd
Front 1st Fl. , No. 12 South, 929 Long East Yuhang Road, Shanghai 200082, P. R. China., Shanghai, Shanghai, China (Mainland)&amp


BOPP thermal filmAdvantages:1. Environmental-protection, no pollution (national certificate)2. Strong stick capability3. No bubble, wrinkle or desquamate4. Perfect decorative activity5. Predigest the processing technology6. Suitable for ordinary domestic laminating machineApplication of the productsMagazine, text-book, post bag, hand bag, leafletCoverings of packing box for wine, food, medicine, electronics, commodityAdvertisement, show board, drawing paper, documentsProduct use parameterFilm equipment wet / dry lamination machineTemperature of roll common printed matter: 90c~95c special printed matter: 95c~105cPressure 8~15mpaSpeed 8~20m / minRemark special printed matter is the printed matter with the character of thick ink, deep color, high water content and large quantityProduct technology parameterSpecification odd bothGloss film mat film gloss film mat filmThickness (u) total 30 32 30 32Base l8 19 18 19Glue thickness l2 13 12 13Width (mm) 390 / 540 / 630 / 880. . .Length (m) 200 / 2000 / 3000Paper core (mm) interior radius: 76Connector less than 2Pouch laminating film: 100u 150u 200u 250uSize (mm*mm)A2 (426*600)A3 (303*426)A4 (216*303)A5 (154*216)A6 (111*154)A7 (82*111)B4 (263*370)B5 (188*263)B6 (134*188)B7 (97*134)90*12670*10065*9560*95374*525
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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