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Glory Winner International Ltd
Front 1st Fl. , No. 12 South, 929 Long East Yuhang Road, Shanghai 200082, P. R. China., Shanghai, Shanghai, China (Mainland)&amp


NAME TYPE" UV AUTOMATIC ROLLER COATING MACHINE(Triple head automatic glazing machine)" ZDSG(SACM)-1000ZDSG(SACM)-1200Single head automatic glazing machine with five rollers of major unit SACM-1000ASACM-1200AUV AUTOMATIC ROLLER COATING MACHINE(Single head automatic glazing machine with three rollers of major unit) ZDSG(SACM)-1000EZDSG(SACM)-1200EDouble head automatic glazing machine with base oil and five rollers of major unit SACM1000BSACM 1200BSACM 1400BTriple head automatic glazing machine with dedusting base oil five rollers of major unit SACM 1000CSACM 1200CSACM 1400CDouble head automatic glazing machine with base oil and three rollers of major unit SACM 1000DSACM 1200DSACM 1400DUV COATING MACHINE ZDSG(SHCM)-1000DZDSG(SHCM)-1200DZDSG(SHCM)-1400DUV COATING MACHINE(Single head automatic glazing machine with three rollers of major unit) ZHSG(SHCM)-1000ZHSG(SHCM)-1200"UV COATING MACHINE(Economical single head manual glazing machine)" ZHSG(SHCM)-1000BZHSG(SHCM)-1200BUV COATING MACHINE ZHSG(SHCM)-1000JZHSG(SHCM)-1200JUV COATING MACHINE (MANUAL TWO HEAD) ZHSG(SHCM)-1000BZHSG(SHCM)-1200BZHSG(SHCM)-1400BUV COATING MACHINE ZHSG(SHCM)-1000CZHSG(SHCM)-1200CZHSG(SHCM)-1400CUV COATING MACHINE(Single head automatic glazing machine with five rollers of major unit) ZHSG(SHCM)-1000WZHSG(SHCM)-1200W
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336x280 banner
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We are one of famous industry co. In China, we sincerely hope to establish relations with you earlier and closely. We are a professional in water dispenser, if you are interested our Chinese products,
Фармацевтические Промежуточные Пищевые добавки
Pharmaceutical intermediates Food Additives:Dicalcium Phosphate (Food Additives)Dicalcium Phosphate AnhydrousMonocalcium Phosphate (Food Additives)Monocalcium Phosphate AnhydrousTricalcium Phosphate (
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 Nano Light Super Slim Scrolling System (Нано Light Super Slim Прокрутка система)
Nanolight super slim scrolling systemNL-PAS single side light power, NL-PAD--single double light power, NL-PBD--double dise and light powerNanolight super slim scrolling system: material is acrylic ac
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Swift horse F1 FOB USD10 / BAGNavigate F1 FOB USD5 / BAGK1F1 FOB USD5 / BAG FOB USD6 / BAG / 15GK1 FOB USD 7. 5 / BAGK2 FOB USD5 / BAGHAONONG 78fob usd12. 5 / bagHAONONG 95HAONONG 99HAONONG 201HAONONG
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BOPP thermal filmAdvantages:1. Environmental-protection, no pollution (national certificate)2. Strong stick capability3. No bubble, wrinkle or desquamate4. Perfect decorative activity5. Predigest the

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