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Glory Winner International Ltd
Front 1st Fl. , No. 12 South, 929 Long East Yuhang Road, Shanghai 200082, P. R. China., Shanghai, Shanghai, China (Mainland)&amp


R/ C Mosquito helicopter FlyTech DragonflyProduct Name: R/ C Mosquito helicopterPackage: Colour boxProduct Size: 16*7*8 (cm)Box Size: 31. 5*20. 5*16. 5 (cm)DIMENSIONS: 64. 5*33*72. 5 (cm)Pcs: 12G. W. : 11kgN. W. : 9. 2kgCutting edge micro-motor technology and patented dual-rotor design merge together in the micro mosquito, the worlds smallest 3-Channel indoor R/ C helicopter.This product is an actual aircraft. While it has been precision engineered for flight, like other aircraft, it can be damaged by contact or collision with a fixed object. The product does not cover accidental or collision damage.Full Function Radio ControlledReady to fly forwards or backwards, left or right.Indoor R/ C helicopter can hover and fly with precision controlThe unique co-axial rotor design has counter rotating propellers that provide unprecedented flight stability.Have 2 lights on the eyes.This is an extraordinary light weight (under 50 grams) helicopter that is safe.It can convert any indoor environment into a cool chopper circuitTetherless and powered by state of the art rechargeable onboard Li-ion battery pack, its perfect for indoor flights as there are no harmful fumes of model airplane fuel! Counter rotating propellers for amazing controlSuitable for Indoor / Outdoor10 minutes Flight time for each charge Flight range up to 60ft (20M)Complete kit Glowing LED eyes3 Channel ControllerLi-Po Rechargeable batteryAC Adaptor charger Instruction ManualProduct Name: FlyTech DragonflyPackage: Colour box Product Size: 35 x 40 x 12cm DIMENSIONS: 81 x 41 x 73cm Pcs: 12 G. W. : 15kgN. W.: 13kgThe world first radio-controlled flying insect. Flytech Dragonfly is a fun RC flyer that is easy or challenging depending upon the skill level setting you choose-beginner or expert. An ultra-light, dual-wing design and "high-flex", crash-resistantStructure make the dragonfly safe to fly anywhere, even in small indoor spaces. The FlyTech Dragonfly is an easy-to-fly aeronautical marvel that looks and sounds like a genetic hybrid of the real thing.Unique indoor flyer Capable of maneuvering in tight spaces, FlyTech Dragonfly brings RC flight into your home.Innovative flying action Flaps bug wings like a real insect. The FlyTech Dragonfly can soar, dive-bomb, and glide silently for soft landings.Strong Durable carbon-fiber structure. Flytech Dragonfly impact absorbing flexible body and wings can take a lot of punishment.Ultra-light design Light weight protects home interiors.Light-up LED eyes The FlyTech Dragonfly eyes alert you to his status by blinking, pulsing, or shining clear and bright.Challenge Yourself Choose between beginner or expert mode on the controller, depending on your skill level or attach the tail ribbon. The tail ribbon is ideal as a training aid, especially when in smaller flying spaces, and helps restrict flying speed.Choose a frequency Available in 2 frequencies: 27 and 40 MHz.Location You can operate FlyTech Dragonfly both indoors and outdoors. The maximum recommended range for the controller is 50 feet (15 meters) .Extras Includes a spare set of wings, a replacement tail propellor, and a tail ribbon.NOTE: FlyTech Dragonfly is capable of flying outdoors in suitable conditions.Remote Controller Precision, easy-grip, 2 channel digital proportional controller.Recharging FlyTech Dragonfly recharges from the remote controller and is held safely duringRecharge by a magnetic perch point.Technical Specifications:DragonflyWing span-16 inchesPower-Rechargeable Lithium polymer batteryFlight time-10 minutesRecharge time-20 minutesRemote Controller2 Channel digital proportionalChannel 1: Wing speed controlChannel 2: Tail-rotor speed controlBattery Req. : 6"AA" (Not included)
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