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Qinhuangdao Xufangchengtai Economy and Trade Co., Ltd.
35 West Nanhai Road, Shanhaiguan, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China (Mainland)


Frog or crossing, swith point tip, joint bar, brake shoe, filler, axle etc.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Прокат стальной полосы
 Rolled Steel Strip (Прокат стальной полосы)
We supply various materials, thicknesses, widths and lengths to meet customers specifications. Our products include rolled steel strips, rolled plates, rolled wires and rolled sections.
Резина, нейлон, PTFE и продукты
 Rubber, Nylon, and PTFE Products (Резина, нейлон, PTFE и продукты)
We can make any rubber fittings according to your drawings or samples, technical specifications and application requirements. We can supply various kinds of rubber, nylon, and PTFE products, including
 Vermicelli (Вермишель)
We have vermicelli made of potato starch. And potato starch
 Wheel (Колесо)
We supply high intensity, better elasticity, better integrate performance spoke, detent ring, wheel, etc.
 Yellow Corn (Кукурузная)
Yellow corn will be cropped in Nov. We have a lot of yellow corn
Animal Skin
 Animal Skin (Animal Skin)
We have a lot of raccoon, dog, rabbit and fox skins.
Пиво и вино
 Beer and Wine (Пиво и вино)
Product Name: Beer and WinePlace of Origin: ChinaUltra-dry beer is precisely brewed of entirety imported Australia malt. The special ferment processing for removing sugar has been adopted at two times
 Bentonite (Бентонит)
Physical properties of artificial sodium bentonite:1 Specifications (mesh) 2002 Passing rate (%) >=95Moisture (%)Montmorillonite (%) 60-90Green compressive strength (KPa) 50-80Hot wet tensile strength
 Bentonite (Бентонит)
Product Name: BentonitePlace of Origin: ChinaPhysical properties of artificial sodium bentonite:1 Specifications (mesh) 2002 Passing rate (%) >=95Moisture (%)Montmorillonite (%) 60-90Green compressive

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