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Qinhuangdao Xufangchengtai Economy and Trade Co., Ltd.
35 West Nanhai Road, Shanhaiguan, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China (Mainland)


Product Name: BentonitePlace of Origin: ChinaPhysical properties of artificial sodium bentonite:1 Specifications (mesh) 2002 Passing rate (%) >=95Moisture (%)Montmorillonite (%) 60-90Green compressive strength (KPa) 50-80Hot wet tensile strength (HPa) >30Colloldal value (%) >100Swelling rate (ml/g) >20Absorbing waste rate (%) >260Sand content (%)Slurry forming rate (sqm/t) 10-14pH value >8.5Physical properties of calcium bentonite:1 Specifications (mesh) 2002 Passing rate (%) >=95Moisture (%)Montmorillonite (%) 60-90Green compressive strength (KPa) 45-60Hot wet tensile strength (HPa) 8-12Colloldal value (%) 60-90Swelling rate (ml/g) 8-12Absorbing waste rate (%) 480-260Sand content (%)Slurry forming rate (sqm/t) 10-14pH value 6.7-7.2The calcium bentonite and artificial sodium bentonite produced by our mine are praised as high quality products. The prices of these products are reasonable and products are enjoyed by customers. The products are sold to twenty seven provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and users are more than 160 in China and products also being exported to many Asian countries. The products are widely used in machinery casting, metallurgical block, chemical industry, building project and many other industries.
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