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Qinhuangdao Xufangchengtai Economy and Trade Co., Ltd.
35 West Nanhai Road, Shanhaiguan, Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China (Mainland)


Our products can be classified into five types:a) Ductile iron partsb) Casting steel partsc) Die casing partd) Stamping partse) Forging partsWe export our products to America, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, and Japan. We have introduced a whole set of equipment and testing instruments for molding, core making, and sand disposal. The heat treatment, technology and test for high intensity and high extension ductile cast iron and alloy cast iron are in the leading position both at home and abroad. Our company adopts advanced and scientific managerial methods and quality control system. Superior testing instruments and advanced equipment make products competitive in the international market and win a good reputation. We would like to offer excellent products and satisfactory service to customers at home and abroad.Our management policy is honesty is basic, quality is paramount, technology is leading and to be the first grade is the aim.
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 cement (цемент)
Product Name: cementModel Number: portland 42.5Place of Origin: ChinaCommodity: Portland cement P.O 42.5r (rotary kiln)Yield: 15,000,000MT/yearPacking: 50kg/PP BagPrice : FOB ST Jingtang Port USD 45.0
Газ CO2 сварки проволоки
 Co2 Gas Shielded Welding Wire (Газ CO2 сварки проволоки)
Product Name: Co2 Gas Shielded Welding WirePlace of Origin: ChinaProduct Name: Co2 Gas Shielded Welding Wire1) Specifications: ER50-6 0.8mm; ER50-6 1.0mm; ER50-6 1.2mm; ER50-60 1.6mm;GIIS-60 1.2mm; GI
Подворье КНС литье тормозных колодок
 Compound cnd Casting Brake Shoe (Подворье КНС литье тормозных колодок)
We supply varieties of compound and casting brake shoes for railway and special use.
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 Flexible Metal Tube And Metal Hose (Гибкая металлической трубы и металл шланга)
Flexible metal hose and tube is widely used in all fields of industry, including chemical and petroleum processing, metal processing, pipe, paper and textiles, transportation and heavy equipment, aero
 Float Glass (Флоат-стекла)
To reduce your business cost, we will help you establish direct trade erlation with manufacturers. The brand of glass is "yaohua" and familiar to world. You will pay 2%commission to us on ba
Флоат-стекла и стекла
 Float Glass and Glass (Флоат-стекла и стекла)
Product Name: Float Glass and GlassPlace of Origin: ChinaWe supply float glass, mirrors, glass sheets, hollow glass, laminated glass, anti-shoot glass, vehicle glass, decorative glass, building glass,
Лягушка / Crossing
 Frog / Crossing (Лягушка / Crossing)
Product Name: Frog / CrossingPlace of Origin: ChinaWe supply various railway track components, such as frogs, crossing, joint bars, baseplates, blocks, braces, clips and guage rods.
Лягушка или переход
 Frog Or Crossing (Лягушка или переход)
We can supply you with high Manganese steel solid frog ,switch point tip, ductile iron block ,brace:joint bar:robber pad ;base plate etc.
 Garlic (Чеснок)
Product name: prepared garlicPlace of origin: ChinaFeatures:1) Products available: normal white garlic2) Supply period: all the year round6) Excellent quality7) Organic garlic and common garlic8) Vari

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