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Unison Biotechnology Inc.
28F-41,No.1049,Chien-Hsing Rd., Taichung, Taiwan.


Benefits: 1. "Spiritual-yeast" owns a very strong hydrolysis character that can break down protein into essential amino acids, fat into essential fatty acids and glycerol, starch and fiber into carbohydrate, it results to the feed can be digested and absorbed completely. 2. Secretes saliva to improve appetite. 3. Increases feed "convertion rate", lowers down feeding cost. 4. Lessens manure. 5. "Spiritual-yeast" is a miracle Bio-product of which having a very powerful fermentation ability, when you mix with feed, lots of active enzymes, amino acids, chitoson .....etc. were produced during this fermentation to strengthen the animals immune system and enhance the reproductivity. 6. "Spiritual-yeast" is a very advanced and important breakthrough in the breeding of livestock/poultry, it uses the natural way of fermentation technology to improve the breeding efficiency and dropping down cost as well. Ingredients: Aspergillus oryzae, Aspergillus niger, Rhizopus oryzae, Grain. Directions for use: A. For "Livestock & Poultry": 1. Breeding and young animals: 20kgs/one ton of feed. 2. Growing-finish period: 10kgs / one ton of feed. 3. More effective formula recommended by our specialist: Mixes 5-6kgs of "Spiritual-yeast" into 250-300 liters of water to become as "Spiritual-yeast dilution", uses these solution mixing well again with one ton of feed and waiting for overnight fermentation then start to breed animals. B. For "Ruminant Animals": 1. Adds 5kgs of "Spiritual-yeast" into one ton of feed first, then again mix well with grass for further fermentation before feeding. 2. For better result to breeding, suckling & finishing ruminant animals, you may consider to increase from 5kgs up to 10kgs / one ton of feed. 3. "Spiritual-yeast" is a fermented enzyme food, 100% natual, without any side effects nor saving problem even overdose. Besides, it's also considered to be of assistance to both human and animals. Packing : 20kgs / bag
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Benefits:1. No need to change fishbowl water- - will never cloud the water.2. Ideal for plant growth and ornamental fish color enhancement.3. Improves digestion- - enhances absorption.4. Deodorization

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