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Unison Biotechnology Inc.
28F-41,No.1049,Chien-Hsing Rd., Taichung, Taiwan.


Benefits:1. Mixed with feedstuff into the intestine, beneficial microorganisms control and destroy harmful germs.2. Promotes the absorption of proteins, vitamins, enzymes, etc. Provides protection against heat, cold, and sickness.3. Hydrolyze protein, Lipid, Cellulose, and starch. Reduces the amount of ammonia gas and hydrogen sulfide, resulting in meat without an unpleasant odor. Decomposes organic matter, improves digestion, absorption, and minimizes dejecta, lowering BOD, COD, and SS in wastewater. Resists public exposure to harmful materials and lowers the cost of feeding.4. Inhibit coccidiosis.5. Reduces flies, mosquitos in piggery, hen house, etc.Ingredients:A-zyme (enzymes from natural extracts, including strong Protease, Hydrolase, Amylase, Cellulase, Lipase), Carrier starch, Calcium carbonate.Directions for use:1. Add one(1) kg of Yucca Natto into one(1) ton of animal's feed (depends on actual situation- - can be more or less).2. For perfect efficiency, mixing well with feed before use.Packing : 25 kg
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Benefits:1. No need to change fishbowl water- - will never cloud the water.2. Ideal for plant growth and ornamental fish color enhancement.3. Improves digestion- - enhances absorption.4. Deodorization
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Directions of use: 1.Fist month: suggests two capsules per time and twice per day. ( better in the morning & evening ). 2.From the second month: one capsule per time and twice per day. ( better in

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