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Producer information
Shanghai Guiyi Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd.
88 Huanxiyi Road, Fengjing Industrial Park, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China (Mainland) Zip: 201501

2-Needle,Post-Bed Lockstitch Machine

Name: 2-needle,Post-bed Lockstitch MachineModel: SGY2-820Features:1) Hook with all direction rotated vertical shaft and link lever balance brings about nice sewing;2) Quality is given by flat seaming,bottom feed,smooth stitching as well as even and neat stitches;3) Easily adjusted stitch length;4) Operation is easily started by lightly pressing reverse swing lever;5) Model SGY2-810: Convenient stitching for children`s shoes and other similar products;6) Model SGY2-820: Twin needle,standard needle gauge:1.6mm,2.0mm or 2.4mm;7) Suitable for chain stitch,decorative and lockstich on sport shoes,men`s and women`s shoes,riding boots,bags,hosiery and wig,etc.Net Weight: 37.5kgLoss Weight: 44kg

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Name: 2-thread Heavy Material Carpet Overedging Machne for Outer Curved EdgeMode: SGY2-4U2Feature:It is fit for over edging heavy material,such as carpet,blanket,car mat and gunnysack,etc.
3-thread Carpet Overedging Machine
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3-Thread Carpet Overedging Machine
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3-thread Carpet Overedging Machine with Side Cutter
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Model: SGY2-546-01-UT-WP-NWPFeatures:1)Perfect automatic oil supply system and filter ensures maximum speed up to 6000 rpm;2)Easier peration with adjustable stitch length by press button stitch regula
Cylinder Bed Compound-feed Overedging Machine
Model: SGY2-335BHFeatures:This machine is fit to stitchiing and overedging medium/heavy fabrics,leather or synthetic leather,such as leather bag,leather shoes,sport shoes and other general leather pro
Electronic Servomotor Direct Straight Pattern Sewing Machine
SGY2-1306Electronic Servomotor Direct Straight Patten Sewing MachineFeatures:1)Adopting enlarging scopes teachnology can stitch high-quality patterns at any condition.Meanwhile,X-Y transmission contro
Electronic Servomotor Zigzag Stitch Machine
Name: Electronic Servomotor Zigzag Stitch MachineModel: SGY2-1306Features:1) Adopting enlarging scopes technology can stitch high-quality pattern at any condition.Meanwhile,X-Y transmission controllin
High Speed Lock Stitch Machine
Name: High Speed Lock Stitch machineModel: SGY2-9600B1) Intellectually designed with automatic oiling and lubricating system;2) Steady and smooth running with low noise due to quality internal parts;3

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