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Producer information
Shanghai Guiyi Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd.
88 Huanxiyi Road, Fengjing Industrial Park, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China (Mainland) Zip: 201501

Cylinder Bed Compound-feed Overedging Machine

Model: SGY2-335BHFeatures:This machine is fit to stitchiing and overedging medium/heavy fabrics,leather or synthetic leather,such as leather bag,leather shoes,sport shoes and other general leather products,etc.And it is especially designed for sewing the parts with small caliber.

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Other goods of this manufacturer :
Electronic Servomotor Direct Straight Pattern Sewing Machine
SGY2-1306Electronic Servomotor Direct Straight Patten Sewing MachineFeatures:1)Adopting enlarging scopes teachnology can stitch high-quality patterns at any condition.Meanwhile,X-Y transmission contro
Electronic Servomotor Zigzag Stitch Machine
Name: Electronic Servomotor Zigzag Stitch MachineModel: SGY2-1306Features:1) Adopting enlarging scopes technology can stitch high-quality pattern at any condition.Meanwhile,X-Y transmission controllin
High Speed Lock Stitch Machine
Name: High Speed Lock Stitch machineModel: SGY2-9600B1) Intellectually designed with automatic oiling and lubricating system;2) Steady and smooth running with low noise due to quality internal parts;3
High Speed Lock Stitch Machine
Name: High Speed Lock Stitch MachineModel: SGY2-111-3Features:1) The adopted auto lubricating system brings convenience and efficiency to operation;2) This machine can run more steadily with low noise
High Speed Lock Stitch Machine
Name: High Speed Lock Stitch MachineModel: SGY2-8800NFeatures:1) Intellectually designed with good performance,low noise and little vibration;2) Auto-lubricating system ensures durability.Sand-blastin
High Speed Lock Stitch Machine with Trimmer
Name: High Speed Lock Stitch Machine with TrimmerModel: SGY2-8700-7Features:1) Reasonably designed.Smooth stitch,high speed volving and low noise.Reverse seaming and make-up stitches structure allows
High Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine for Heavy Materials
Name: High Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine for Heavy MaterialModel: SGY2-9900NFeatures:1) Link lever feed,link thread take-up and lever controlled reverse/forward stitching with full auto-lubrication
High Speed Needle Feed 2-Needle,Spilt Needle Feed,Lockstitch Machine
Model:SGY2-845-3Features:1) Durability is ensured with auto-lubrication2) The oil tank is made of cast alloy aluminum to prevent leakage and deform3) Japan made PU belt with steel core to prevent brok
High Speed,1-needle, Double Presserfoot, Top And Bottom Feedle Lockstitcher
Name: High Speed,1-needle,Double Presser foot,Top and Bottom Feedle Lockstitch MachineModel: SGY2-4400NFeatures:1) Smooth stitching with even and beautiful stitches are ensured thanks to interactively

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