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About this site and the Project
About this site and the Project
The whole world knows the industrial potential of Asia to be virtually inexhaustible.
The goods from this region need new markets where the Russian market is one of the biggest and most lucrative. It has always demonstrated high demand of clothes and electronic appliances from Asia and the interest for many other goods from this country has considerably grown lately. Many Russian companies strive for entering Asia market and seek direct contacts with Asiatic suppliers. In order not to miss a profitable offer Asiatic manufacturers should quicker and louder announce themselves.We'll help you in that.
Now it is easier to attract the attention of Russian customers. Just call our office in your country and post the price list of your goods and services at the pages of the Internet portal Asia .ru.
Asia .ru is the first Russian portal specializing in Asiatic goods.
Asia .ru members can:
  • efficiently find direct customers in real time;
  • enjoy services of the goods delivery to the customer;
  • get aid in payments transfer;
  • track the market situation and receive the most actual information on the latest news and changes;
  • receive on-the-fly information on exhibitions and other promotion activities.
And on top of it, you cam post detailed information on your business at the pages of Asia .ru portal. You can create and make changes to your company's profile, update your goods and services list, make changes to price lists.
We work to make millions of Russian visitors acquainted with your production. After entering the Asia .ru database your goods will always catch the customers' sight. The portal catalog is conveniently divided into categories and powered with search system which enables to browse each category in the goods list.
You want to deserve a special trust of Russian businessmen? Join the "Trusted Seller" program and secure the reputation of a solid business partner. And the most trusted suppliers are automatically upgraded to "Golden Members".
  • So your business needs new markets?
  • You want the whole Russia to know your goods?
  • You are interested in reliable business contacts with Russian partners?
If you answer YES than all you need to do is:
  1. Call the Asia .ru office in your city and provide basic details on your company (address, list and description of the goods, price lists);
  2. After the information is entered into the portal's database, you need to maintain it actual. You may change your company details, goods descriptions and prices in the Tools section;
  3. Make annual payments for the portal services.
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