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Producer information
Thai Commodities Co., Ltd.
Central City Tower 29th Fl.1093/157 Bangna-trad Hwy., Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand, Thailand

Mangosteen Peel

We can supply our mangosteen peel to you for extraction purpose and multi function purposes. Our mangosteen peel is well dried, hand selected quality, high chemical compound.

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Other goods of this manufacturer :
We can supply our mangosteen products to you as your quality and specification. For example: Mangosteen Fruit Freeze Dried, Mangosteen Dried Peel, Mangosteen Juice, Concentrate, Puree, etc.
Birds-eye Chilli
 Birds-eye Chilli ( Birds-eye Chilli)
We can supply our Birdseye Chillies with stem and stemless to you. This Birdseye Chillies is hottest, fruit smell, well dried, reddish colour, free aflatoxin and pesticide residue.
 Lemongrass ( Lemongrass)
We can supply our Dried Lemongrass to you in bulk quantity with good smell, high oil content. We can process this item in Slice Piece and Powder form.

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