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4F, 36 Chin Chou St., Taipei

Dual angle ring light guide

These are similar to the regular ring lights but with a special design, dual angle light emitting rings for wider and deeper view angles.

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Glass Fiber Optic Lighting System-Showcase
Glass Fiber Optic Lighting System-Showcase (Glass Fiber Optic Lighting System-Showcase)
Our fiber optic cold light systems include, light source, flexible bundle light guides and end fitments. These systems provide an intense source of light while avoiding the heat, UV radiation or nois
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Light Guide
Light Guide (Light Guide)
Lumenz range of fiber optic flexible light guides include, straight light guides, dual arm straight light guides, ring lights, dual angle ring lights, multi-spot dome lights and line lights. They are
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Line light guide (Line light guide)
Lumenz line lights provide high intensity, uniform illumination especially for machine vision and inspection of LCD, glass and line CCD camera applications.
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Dual and multi-arm light guide
Dual and multi-arm light guide (Dual and multi-arm light guide)
Dual and multi-arm light guides allow one light source to provide two or multi-points of illumination. They are ideal for applications, requiring oblique lighting, or one light source to illuminate t

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