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12Fl.V2, NO. 1, Guangfu S. Rd., Sungshan Chiu, Taipei, Taiwan 105, R.O.C.

Oralog (Triamcinolone Orabase 1mg/gm)

INDICATION GLesions of the oral mucosa uncluding ulcerative and traumatic lesions

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Piroxicam Gel. 5.00mg/gm(Xicam)
Piroxicam Gel. 5.00mg/gm(Xicam) (Piroxicam Gel. 5.00mg/gm(Xicam))
INDICATION : Rheumatoid arthritis, ostioarthritis, ankylosing spondilitis, acute gout.
Pursin (Ibuprofen lysine F.C Tablet 500 mg)
Pursin (Ibuprofen lysine F.C Tablet 500 mg) (Pursin (Ibuprofen lysine F.C Tablet 500 mg))
INDICATION: Instant pain relief of muscle ache & swelling, dysmenorrhea, osteoarthritis, rheumatiod arthritis.
Senin (Ginkgo biloba estract 40mg F.C.Tab. 9.6mg)
Senin (Ginkgo biloba estract 40mg F.C.Tab. 9.6mg) (Senin (Ginkgo biloba estract 40mg F.C.Tab. 9.6mg))
INDICATION GPoor peripheral circulation and blood flow to the brain
Simethicone 20mg calcium carbonate 280mg magnesium hydroxide 128mg (Simegel)
Simethicone 20mg calcium carbonate 280mg magnesium hydroxide 128mg (Simegel) (Simethicone 20mg calcium carbonate 280mg magnesium hydroxide 128mg (Simegel))
INDICATION : Dyspepsia, gastric acid over secretion, flatulence
Sinbone( Ceramic, hydroxyapatite, 5mm*5mm*5mm)
Sinbone( Ceramic, hydroxyapatite, 5mm*5mm*5mm) (Sinbone( Ceramic, hydroxyapatite, 5mm*5mm*5mm))
INDICATION: 1.Bone defects after removal of autologous bone grafts. 2.Bone defects after removal of tumors. 3.Psedarthrosis. 4.Spondylodesos. 5.Acetabular. 6.Bone defects after revision of loosened p
Terasin (Terazosin Tab. 2.00mg)
Terasin (Terazosin Tab. 2.00mg) (Terasin (Terazosin Tab. 2.00mg))
INDICATION GHypertension, benign prostatic hypertrophy
Tobramycin/Eye Drop 3mg/ml(Cleo)
Tobramycin/Eye Drop 3mg/ml(Cleo) (Tobramycin/Eye Drop 3mg/ml(Cleo))
INDICATION: Eye infections and its adnexa caused by susceptible bacteria. DOSAGE: 1~2 Drops Q4H
Vitamine C (Ascorbic acid Tab.500mg)
Vitamine C (Ascorbic acid Tab.500mg) (Vitamine C (Ascorbic acid Tab.500mg))
INDICATION GScurvy, common cold, urinar acidification, dietary supplement
Acetal (Acetaminophen Tab 500 mg)
Acetal (Acetaminophen Tab 500 mg) (Acetal (Acetaminophen Tab 500 mg))
INDICATION: Fever, Headache, Toothache.

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