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fujian xianyou jinshi protein co.
East side of Huancheng North Rd.,Xianyou,Fujian

Polypeptide powder

Polypeptide powder is made of edible gelatine and vegetable protein by enzyme ferment and spray-dry method. At present, Polypeptide powder has become an essential protein resource of food for Chinese food manufacturers and nourishment experts. Its feature

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Spraying-Type Feed Peptone, A
Spraying-Type Feed Peptone, A (Spraying-Type Feed Peptone, A)
Spraying-Type Feed Peptone it is our traditional products. This product is our traditional product, widely applied to the feed for aquatic products and livestock as additives. Physical property:White
Spraying-Type Industrial Peptone
Spraying-Type Industrial Peptone (Spraying-Type Industrial Peptone)
This product is a traditional product of factory, applied to the baterium culture medium for the manufacture of of antibiotics. It contains complete amino acids, having unique micororganism-cultivatin
Drying-Type Industrial Peptone
Drying-Type Industrial Peptone (Drying-Type Industrial Peptone)
Physicochemical indices : Nitrogen (Total) =14% Moisture Content=7% Ash=6% Phosphorus (Total) =0.2%
Hydrolytic animal protein
Hydrolytic animal protein (Hydrolytic animal protein)
Peptone is made of animal bone and skin, it is milky white or light yellow powder, with delicious flavor, its fineness is 70-80 mesh, its protein assay is 30% more than the best fish powder. According
Meat Protein
Meat Protein (Meat Protein)
The meat protein contains high protein, low ash content, does not contain nitrite, amine salt and heavy metal. Widely applies in the antibiotic and the microorganism fermentation. Appearance: white po

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