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5F-06 5 Sec 5 Shin Yi Road.,Taipei,185 KUNG KUAN ROAD, TAICHUNG
+886-4-2371-4161 +886-4-23711022


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Other goods of this manufacturer :
Caulking Guns
Caulking Guns (Caulking Guns)
Material: metal & plastic ()Size: 9``, 10 1/2``, & 13`` ()Style: smooth & ratchet ()Style: half barrel, skeleton & closed up ()Any other design according to buyers` request is available () () () ()
Caulking Guns
Caulking Guns (Caulking Guns)
SIZE : 9`` 10-1/2`` & 13`` ()STULE: SMOOTH & RATCHET, HALF BARREL, SKELETON & CLOSED-UP ()MATERIAL: METAL & PLASTIC ()Any other design according to buyers` request is available () () () () ()
Consumer Electronics Products
Consumer Electronics Products (Consumer Electronics Products)
Module, voice, sound, electronics gifts, other electronic parts & assemblies () () () () () () () ()
CTB-108 flashing toys
CTB-108 flashing toys (CTB-108 flashing toys)
Flashing hairband with eyes ball,rainbow light change
Drop Clothes
Drop Clothes (Drop Clothes)
LDPE drop clothes ()Smooth & embossed ()Size: 9 ft x 12 ft, 12 ft x 15 ft, 12 ft x 20 ft ()Size: 4 m x 5 m, 4 m x 12.5 m ()Gauge: 8 micron - 10 micron () () () ()
Flahing EL hat
Flahing EL hat (Flahing EL hat)
Flahing el hat with many design #2032 button battery.
flahing el shoes
flahing el shoes (flahing el shoes)
Flahing EL shoelace. the length of the shoelace is 60cm #2032 battery,rainproof When you move,the shoelace blinks 8 times automatically and then off, it will flash again when it receives the signal.
Flahing magnetic fiber stick
Flahing magnetic fiber stick (Flahing magnetic fiber stick)
Flahing fiber magnetic stick wtih Christmas design
Flahing top toys
Flahing top toys (Flahing top toys)
Flashing top with red and yellow led

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