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   Add to favorite    Favorite products B2B portal proudly presents its new feature! Now we guarantee a secure online trading environment! will act as a trusted third party in the process of establishing a business contract this is a very useful service both for sellers and buyers. The seller can be sure he will get money for his goods and buyer that he will get the goods he has ordered. As a result, the buyers and the sellers get confidence that their transaction will be carried out fairly and successfully with help. fee is only 1% of the total amount of transaction.

Buyers protection:

  1. tracks and verifies delivery of the shipped merchandise.
  2. The Seller won't get paid until the Buyer accepts the merchandise.

Sellers protection:

  1. The Seller is notified to ship his goods after verifies good funds.
  2. verifies delivery of the shipped merchandise.

Whats part in the trading mechanism?

  1. The Buyer and the Seller agree about the terms, sign in a contract if needed and create a transaction. The parts as: delivery payments and fee paying, the way of delivery, the goods state etc. are highly required for the agreement.
  2. The Buyer submits the payment to the special secured account opened by notifies the Seller to ship the merchandise to the Buyer.
  3. The Seller performs the shipping to the Buyer using the specified way of delivery and sends the official notification to
  4. informs both sides when the merchandise arrives. After getting this information the Buyer should start inspecting the goods and then decide if he accepts them or not.
  5. If the Buyer decides to accept the goods transfers the funds to the Seller (deducting fee). fee will be deducted in every possible case, even when the Buyer refuses to accept the goods.

Protect your business with help!

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