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Anlu Tianlong Machinery Co., Ltd.
No. 2008, Jinqiu Dadao Xice, Fuli Xiaoqu, Anlu City, Hubei, 432600 P. R. Of China, Anlu, Hubei, China (Mainland)


Model600.800.1000Product DescriptionASY-600.800.1000 Six Color Gravure Printing Machine It can be used for continuously printing various plastic films, cloths, thin leathers and package products, etc with one -sided and two -sided printing finished by once-throuth operation.360 register device is accruagte and doesntaffect stretching of film so that color-checking of printing can be adjusted freely at any time. The farinfrared tube drying unit can keep drying at 50mmin so as to make picture clear and exquisite. The machine models of 2-8 colors can be chosen freely.Model600 800 1000Printing width(mm)600 800 1000Printing Length(mm)200-1250 200-1250 200-1250Max. Speed of printing(m/min)10-60 10-60 10-60Format Precision(mm)0.15 0.15 0.15Power of main motor(kw)4 4 5.5Fan Power(kw/unit)0.19 0.19 0.19Heating Power(kw)3.2 3.2 3.2Outline dimension(mm)8800x1200x1700 8800x1400x1700 8800x1600x1700
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