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Anlu Tianlong Machinery Co., Ltd.
No. 2008, Jinqiu Dadao Xice, Fuli Xiaoqu, Anlu City, Hubei, 432600 P. R. Of China, Anlu, Hubei, China (Mainland)


Features:1). Flex graphic printing machine, also called aniline press, uses photosensitive resin plate as the printing plate of printing machine.2). Adopting environmental ink with the advantage of low edition-producing cost, it is a machine for small mass lots and large varieties production3). It is also suitable for printing HDPE, LDPE, PP, cellophane paper, rolling paper.Main technical variables:Model of machine yt-4600Max. Width of substrate 600mmMax. Printing width 560mmRange of printing length 191-914mmMax. Diameter of web:450mmPrinting speed 5-50m/minPlate thickness(both-sideanhe-sivetapeincluded):2.38mmTotal power 13kwWeight of machine 3500kgOverall dimensions 3900x1660x2950mm
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Термосвариваемая & холодная резка экструдер
 Heat-Sealing & Cold-Cutting Bag Making Machine (Термосвариваемая & холодная резка экструдер)
Features:1).Used for producing quality bags and flat-opening bags with printing2).The main motor adopts a frequency controlled motor speed to conserve electricity and regulate speed3).The color code t
Высокоскоростная фильм Выдувные машины
 High Speed Film Blowing Machine (Высокоскоростная фильм Выдувные машины)
Uses:1). It is used for blowing various plasitc film of low dentisity polyethylene (ldpe), high dentisty polyethylene (hdpe) and linear low density polyethylene (lldpe) and so on;2). Which are widely
Падди Cleaner
 Paddy Cleaner (Падди Cleaner)
Main Technical SpecificationsModel Capacity (t / h) Power (kw) RPM of Spindle (r / min) Overall Dimensions (mm)CSQZ70 1. 5-2 2x0. 2 920-950 1520x920x1920CSQZ75 2-2. 5 2x0. 2 920-951 1660x1250x1960CSQZ
Райс Whitener
 Rice Whitener (Райс Whitener)
ModelCapacity (t / h)Power (kw)RPM of Spindle (r / min)Overall Dimensions (mm)MNMF15B1. 0-1. 515-221440870x500x1410MNMF18B2. 0-2. 5( 18. 5-22) + 312961321x540x1667MNMF18C2. 0-2. 52212961321x540x1667MN
Сокращение Фильм & Anti - налаживание Pull линия
 Shrinking Film&Anti - Forging Pull Line (Сокращение Фильм & Anti - налаживание Pull линия)
Due to our high quality and competitive prices, our products are widely appreciated by our customers. We have had numerous cooperation agreements with medium and large-sized business enterprises, and
SJ-W55 Tiny Фильм машины
 SJ-W55 Tiny Film Machine (SJ-W55 Tiny Фильм машины)
Characteristics: The machine body is made of square steel and has widened tractin path. The rolling device is separately equipped with vertical electric control cabined and meter counter.Characteristi
Автоматического сброса печатная машина
Features:1) Specially designed for printing woven bags, Kraft paper and film bags2) Has professional structure and reliable quality3) Convenient to operate and adjustType SBY-A3B0Size of bags rangc(Ma
Комплексная Райс фрезерные
Name: Integrated Rice Milling UnitModel No. : 18T / DCountry of Origin: ChinaMinimum Order: 1 pc
Асы-Глубокая печать машины
 ASY-Gravure Printing Machine (Асы-Глубокая печать машины)
Model600.800.1000Product DescriptionASY-600.800.1000 Six Color Gravure Printing Machine It can be used for continuously printing various plastic films, cloths, thin leathers and package products, etc

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