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Baaeco V Food
85 / 103 Ladprao Rd. ,, Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
+66-2-9352035 +9319805


WE are one of the major packer and supplier of tamarind pulp.Kindly let us know about the packing size required so that we shall furnish you with the best quote.Our quality is all pure and natural without any adding chemical and flour.We can offer in both seed and seedless tamarind pulp for your prefereneces.
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Пикантный ананас
 Tidbit Pineapple (Пикантный ананас)
We are ready to supply to worl market with quality canned pineapple.Contact us for more details.Greeting from Thailand!
Всего кольцо Standard Grade Ананас
 Whole Ring Standard Grade Pineapple (Всего кольцо Standard Grade Ананас)
We are ready to supply to worl market with quality canned pineapple.Contact us for more details.Greeting from Thailand!
Консервированные ананасы
Canned pineapple 20 oz,30 oz and 3 kg sizes for your selection.
Сушеная рыба
If you are in this huge dried fish yellow stripe business, we are one of the packer and main supplier of this item to worldwide market.Pls. Contact us if you are interest.We do hope to have an opportu
Тамаринд Фрукты
We supply tamarind fruit with shell and seed without processing in nice looking package for your growing market.
Консервированные ананасы в легком сиропе, фрагменты, куски, фрагменты Broken
 Canned Pineapple In Light Syrup, Slices, Pieces, Broken Slices (Консервированные ананасы в легком сиропе, фрагменты, куски, фрагменты Broken)
As the new crop od pineapple has just get started, we are arranging our production plan to all buyers.Nowaday, we supply canned pineapple with slices, pieces on sizes 20 oz (565 gr) and 30 oz (850 gr)
Кокосовое молоко
 Coconut Milk (Кокосовое молоко)
We are packer of canned pineapple and supplier of a variety of products which are in good demand asf:Products: * canned pineapple in light syrup/natural juices* canned bamboo shoot* canned baby corn*
Сушеные Анчоусы
 Dried Anchovies (Сушеные Анчоусы)
We are one of the major exporters of dried anchovies and other dried seastuffs for world wide market.We pack in a variety of sizes for your very specific market.Pls. Let us have more details of your r
Сушеные Анчоусы Рыба / шпроты
 Dried Anchovies Fish / Sprats (Сушеные Анчоусы Рыба / шпроты)
As the packer and major supplier to world wide market, we are ready to expand more market in your area for dried anchovies/sprats. We supply in head and headless/gutted for your market preferences.Pls

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