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Baaeco V Food
85 / 103 Ladprao Rd. ,, Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
+66-2-9352035 +9319805


As the packer and major supplier to world wide market, we are ready to expand more market in your area for dried anchovies/sprats. We supply in head and headless/gutted for your market preferences.Pls. Contact for more details so that we can furnish you with the best quote.We look forward to having an opportunity to develop business with your esteem company and hearing from you.
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Сушеные Анчоусы рыб Premium Grade
 Dried Anchovies Fish Of Premium Grade (Сушеные Анчоусы рыб Premium Grade)
Our anchovies fish is freshly made from the very best source of fish in Thailand. We can supply both with head and without head style as per your market demand.
Сушеная рыба селедочное шпроты
 Dried Fish Anchovy-sprats (Сушеная рыба селедочное шпроты)
Dear BUYERSPls. advise us of the size,packing required so that we can furnish you with the best competitive price.BCVF THAILAND
Сушеные креветки
 Dried Shrimp (Сушеные креветки)
We are ready to supply to you DRIED SHRIMP in both retail and bulk packs as per your demand.Kindly provide us withyour specs. And requirement your port of destination so that we can furnish you with t
Сушеная килька
 Dried Sprats (Сушеная килька)
Dried fish, dried anchovies, anchovies fish, dried fishWe now become another player of packer for dried fish for world market. With our vast experiences in food related business and network, we are no
Сушеная килька
 Dried Sprats (Сушеная килька)
We are one of the major packer and supplier to worldwide market for DRIED SPRATS. We supply in bulk on 10 / 15 / 20 kgs as per your requirement. The dried fish is real dried with freshly made quality
Сушеная килька / Анчоусы рыбы
 Dried Sprats / Anchovies Fish (Сушеная килька / Анчоусы рыбы)
WE are now ready to cater you with more supply of dried fish, sprats,anchovies,yellow stripe trevally.If you are interested,feel free to contact us asap.BCVF
Энергетический напиток
 Energy Drink (Энергетический напиток)
As the packer of canned pineapple from Thailand, we are supply in bulk ot on ENERGY DRINK. Its packed in bottled and has been a fast selling item in many market.The general term of payment are T/T or
Ананас концентрат
 Pineapple Concentrate (Ананас концентрат)
With references from our alibaba, we are to introduce ourselves as the packer of canned pineapple. With the location in the eastern of Thailand where fruits are good taste and good, we can supply up t
Ломтиками ананаса натуральных соков
 Sliced Pineapple In Natural Juices (Ломтиками ананаса натуральных соков)
We are ready to supply to worl market with quality canned pineapple.Contact us for more details.

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