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Higoal Fiberglass Co., Ltd.
Daluosha Village, Daojiao Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Features:1) Made from computerized mechanical winding process and adopting thermosettingresin as the basal body and the products as the reinforcement materials2) Lightweight, easy to load and unload: fiberglass pipe is very light, convenientto handle loading, unloading, and installing. Good chemicals and drugs resistance:fiberglass pipe has its excellent resistance to the erosion caused by acids andalkaline, a great help to the chemical industries3) Small resistance to fluidity: the smooth surface of fiberglass pipe reducesresistance to the fluids. Its roughness coefficient is only 0.009, much less thanother pipes, under same discharges, smaller caliber of the pipe can be used4) Strong mechanical strength: good resistance to water pressure,outside impact and pressure, is satisfied under any conditions5) Good electrical insulation: fiberglass pipe has excellent insulation nature againstelectricity. It can be served as conduits and pipes for construction cableand wire6) Water quality unaffected: the solution tests on the fiberglass pipe show noeffect on water quality when the water flows through it. It is considered thebest piping material for running water works7) Simple installation: very easy to connect, thus much time and laborcost can be saved8) Applications:a) Structure engineeringb) Pipes for chemical industry usec) Water supply systemd) Special purpose pipes for agriculture irrigatione) Soil, waste and vent pipesf) Wire protection systemg) Freeway engineering9) Field of applications: cable protection tube,petroleum industry, chemical industry,chemical fertilizer production, metallurgy, light industry, electric powerindustry, machinery, mining, transportation, water draining, and national defenseconstruction10) Size:
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