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Higoal Fiberglass Co., Ltd.
Daluosha Village, Daojiao Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Features:1)HIGOAL manufactures a variety of high quality fiberglass gratings for a wide range of industries and applications. Offer a complete line of HIGOAL brand products such as grited gratings, smooth surfaces gratings, concave surface gratings, covered grating, mini-mesh grating, conductive grating, stair treads, stair tread covers, plates, and other accessories. Our high-quality molded fiberglass grating products are designed and manufactured to provide long lasting performance for industrial and offshore applications, whether youre building a power plant, marine engineering, port engineering. HIGOAL will cover your project and stay in your budget.2) Both custom and standard designed gratings systems are available
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Рука укладки стеклопакетами Машина Обложка
 Hand Lay-Up Fiberglass Machine Cover (Рука укладки стеклопакетами Машина Обложка)
Product Name: Hand Lay-Up Fiberglass Machine CoverPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures:1) Fiberglass products made by hand lay-up process, mainly used for body kits, enclosure, machine shells, planter pots,
 Prototype (Прототип)
Higoal is your one-stop source for all your prototypes, a full service and high capacityprovider of rapid prototyping. Utilizing the latest technologies, we producetop quality functional prototypes, m
 Prototype (Прототип)
Product Name: PrototypePlace of Origin: ChinaHigoal is your one-stop source for all your prototypes, a full service and high capacityprovider of rapid prototyping. Utilizing the latest technologies, w
Pultruded Решетка
 Pultruded Grating (Pultruded Решетка)
Fiberglass grating can withstand corrosive chemicals, high temperatures, and heavy load. It is ideal for walkway, platform in waste water treatment plant, power plant, plating equipment, and chemical
Пултрузии профиль
 Pultrusion Profile (Пултрузии профиль)
Features:1) Rapid, low cost engineering, design, prototyping and optimization allow for thequick development of products in a cost effective way2) Fields of application: electrical, consumer/recreatio
Светопрозрачные Группы и гофрированной Группы
 Translucent Panel and Corrugated Panel (Светопрозрачные Группы и гофрированной Группы)
Features:1) Owing to adopting continuous forming machinery, the length of the products is notlimited by product technique (except for transport equipment), any length andany section of panel can be ma
Кабельные защите труб, кабельных каналов
 Cable Protection Tubes, Cable Conduits (Кабельные защите труб, кабельных каналов)
Features:1) Made by filament winding process2) Good chemicals and drugs resistance: fiberglass pipe has its excellent resistanceto the erosion caused by acids and alkaline, a great help to the chemica
Автомобиль комплекта кузова
 Car Body Kit (Автомобиль комплекта кузова)
Features:1) It is made from fiber reinforced polymer fiberglass2) Custom colors and shapes are available upon customers request
Автомобиль комплекта кузова (бампер, вытяжки, спойлер и стекловолокно)
 Car Body Kit (Bumper, Hoods, Spoiler and Fiberglass) (Автомобиль комплекта кузова (бампер, вытяжки, спойлер и стекловолокно))
We can provide auto parts/accessories as fiberglass body parts, fiberglass body kits,bumpers, rear spoilers,hoods and prototypes.1) Fiberglass, car hoods, racing seats, maintenance parts, body kit ava

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