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Информация о производителе
Buyerclub. CN Limited
10/F IntL Trade Bldg(E),369 Shuangxi West Road, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


We can supply action tree pruner telescopic handle pahs test approvedHere are brief introduction of our company:Independent and highly professional exporter in China with its own purchasing department and as well as own forwarding department. The main export countries are situated in Europe. The main product areas include: Household, toy, stationery, gift, christmas, carneval, cosmetic, bag, easter, garden furniture and many other sundry items.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Сад Ножницы
 Garden Shears (Сад Ножницы)
Certificates: Gs / tuv pahs test1. 8" aluminum die casting pruner 2. Lopping shear with telescopic handle3. Hedge shear with telescopic handleEach set tied on card6sets / 74x41x12. 3cm / 20kgsMin
Шланг Connector
 Hose Connector (Шланг Connector)
Each slide on cardPacking 80pcsMeas/outer 53x37.5x68cmG. W 13kgsN. W 11kgsQTY20or40 16560/34240pcsCountry of original: ChinaExpiry date 2005-9-20Mini Order QTY 8000pcsPayment Terms T/T or L/C at sight
Шланг R l тележки
 Hose Reel Trolley (Шланг R l тележки)
Each in colour box supplied by buyerPacking 6setsMeas / outer 61x33. 5x43cmG. W 9kgsN. W 8kgsQTY20or40 1908 / 3954setsCountry of original: CHINAExpiry date 2005-4-9Mini Order QTY 6000setsPayment Terms
Организатор Magic 3 Крючки
 Magic Holder 3 Hooks (Организатор Magic 3 Крючки)
We can supply magic holder 3 hooksHere are brief introduction of our company:Independent and highly professional exporter in China with its own purchasing department and as well as own forwarding depa
Завод Caddy
 Plant Caddy (Завод Caddy)
12" x 15mmEACH SHRINK PACKED WITH INSERT CARDPacking 12pcsMeas / outer 31. 5x31. 5x54cmG. W 7. 6kgsN. W 6. 6kgsQTY20or40 6264 / 12984pcsCountry of original: ChinaExpiry date 2005-5-8Mini Order QT
 Pruner (Прунер)
Certificates: SLG / GS8" + 8. 5"Each blister on cardPacking 12setsMeas / outer 47. 5x16. 5x16cmG. W 6kgsN. W 5. 5kgsQTY20or40 26880 / 43992setsCountry of original: ChinaExpiry date 2005-5-22
Дождемер / Weather Station
 Rain Gauge / Weather Station (Дождемер / Weather Station)
Box size: 44. 5x10. 5x9cmPacking 12setsMeas / outer 46x23x56cmG. W 9kgsN. W 8kgsQTY20or40 5664 / 11748setsCountry of original: ChinaExpiry date 2005-12-9Mini Order QTY 6000setsPayment Terms T/ T or L/
Деревянным частоколом с цветком бен И пластиковой пленки
 Wooden Palisade With Flower Bin And Plastic Foil (Деревянным частоколом с цветком бен И пластиковой пленки)
Certificates: Without55x55x122cmEach in colour box supplied by buyerPacking 5setsMeas / outer 122x38x58cmG. W 46kgsN. W 36. 5kgsQTY20or40 520 / 1075setsCountry of original: ChinaExpiry date 2005-5-8Mi
5 Функции Вода сопло
Each tied on card supplied bu buyerPacking 24pcsMeas / outer xxcmG. W 2. 7kgsN. W 2. 3kgsQty20or40 33600 / 69600pcsCountry of original: ChinaExpiry date 2005-5-9Mini order qty 6000pcsPayment terms t /

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