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Yazd Green Diamond Co.
Block19, Sadoghi Bol., Yazd , Iran (Islamic Republic of)


Features:1) Composition: cotton, nylon, polyester2) Specifications: 160D x 32S/133 x 723) Weight: 150-160gsm4) Width: 57/58"5) Styles: plain weave6) Fabrics available in different finishes, such as W/R peach, down proof, PVC,PA and PU, milking or clear coating, gold, silver and color coating, embossing,and embroideryInner packing:Rolled on strong paper tubes, with white paper belts at each edgeOuter packing:Bulk, bales with polybag, cartons; or according to clients requirements
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Нейлон Полиэстер хлопок, NCP, ТНК, КНП, TN / C
 Nylon Polyester Cotton, NCP, TNC, PNC, TN/C (Нейлон Полиэстер хлопок, NCP, ТНК, КНП, TN / C)
Product Name: Nylon Polyester Cotton, NCP, TNC, PNC, TN/CModel Number: ZHML-0303Place of Origin: ChinaFeatures:1) Composition: cotton, nylon, polyester2) Specifications: 160D x 32S/133 x 723) Weight:
Рубашечная Основа, N / C 20D * 32S
 Shirting Fabric, N/C 20D*32S (Рубашечная Основа, N / C 20D * 32S)
1)Specification:20D*32S2)Cuttable width:57/58"3)Weight:95gsm4)Price: FOB Shanghai USD1.12/MMainly used for jackets, overcoats, pants and so on.
Хлопчатобумажные ткани стрейч
 Stretch Cotton Fabric (Хлопчатобумажные ткани стрейч)
Features:1) Composition: 100% cotton2) Specifications:a) Warp stretch: 100D x 21S + 70D / 190 x 70b) Weft stretch: 21D x 16S + 70D / 150 x 64, 44 / 45"c) 40S x 70D + 40D / 133 x 66, 49 / 50"
 T-Shirt (T-Shirt)
Material : 100% cottonPacked in a plastic bagWe have a factory and a trading company in Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province. Please let us know your idea if you need any style
Twill N / C 70D * 21S
 Twill N/C 70D*21S (Twill N / C 70D * 21S)
1)Specification:70D*21S2)Cuttable width:57/58"3)Style:Twill weaveMainly used for jackets, overcoats, pants and so on.
Все виды печати и крашение тканей
All Kinds Of Printing And Dyeing Fabrics (Все виды печати и крашение тканей)
We can supply all kinds of high quality printing and dyeing fabrics for you. We can produce finished fabrics as your samples.
Все виды тканей
We are Tanta international trade point. One of the Egyptian international trade point Affiliated to the ministry of foreign trade and industry. We are unprofitable OrganizationOur aims encourage expor
Италия текстиль для дома (2006151)
Italian company, active since 1921, manufactures textiles for furnishings.From that time on, their selling agents system and their wise marketing policy led them to penetrate all the Italian national
Шанкар 6 Raw Cotton
Stratford Trading, LLC located in New York, USA; is a commodities trading house specializes in many different commodities and investments.Currently, we have in stock shankar 6 cotton from Gujarat, Ind

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