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Yazd Green Diamond Co.
Block19, Sadoghi Bol., Yazd , Iran (Islamic Republic of)


Italian company, active since 1921, manufactures textiles for furnishings.From that time on, their selling agents system and their wise marketing policy led them to penetrate all the Italian national territory. Their experience in conceiving and realizing some new types of textures for furnishings, especially directed towards the showrooms and the furnishings-makers has been their specialization that took them to increase their range of products which has been completed producing and selling handmade-armchairs and divans.By interpreting the requests of articles "made in Italy" from the U. S. A. And other markets overseas, they intend to give the customers the best of their production and experience.The company wishes to get in touch with importers, wholesalers, agents and representatives interested in textiles for the furnishings industry.Target countries: Russia
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