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The first golden key is that you can place the Chaliyuan mobil phone at the bus and train station, ports, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, newspaper-selling spots, as well as traveling resorts, and the only thing you need to do is collecting the money with the key.The second golden key is that you can cooperated with the advertising agencies and make multi-manifold promotion for corporations, and then the only thing you need to do is collecting the advertising fee.The third golden key is that you can transfer the Chaliyuan mobile phone charger to the telecommunication and banks systems which can use the products to promote the images of the enterprise, show the service features, and strengthen the competitive ability, and you can earn rich ptofits from that.No pains of stocking, delivering, no pressure of rent and salary, and no anxiety of overstocking, what Chaliyuan brings you is the happiness of incoming.The chance of changing the idea of maintenance the mobile and looking for mobile increasing money is in front of you. Come on! Catch the chance.Besides perfect possessing of function in quickly charging, sterilizing and disinfections, Chaliyuan Public Mobile Phone Charger also can eliminate the memory of the battery, and advertise, have high level intelligence, suit for 99% mobiles. It has won 13 patents in China. Not only has it been exported to other countries and regions, such as the U. S. A. The U. K, Russia, and Turkey, etc.
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Chaliyuan public mobile phone charging station is a newly developed product for mobile phone service market. Having been awarded 11 Chinese patents, our product has passed inspection of the institute
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