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Chaliyuan public mobile phone charging station is a newly developed product for mobile phone service market. Having been awarded 11 Chinese patents, our product has passed inspection of the institute of communication products supervision and the center of disease precaution and control of beijing, and has obtained CE certification.Main functions1. ChargingNormal mobile phone could last above 8 hours after charging 10 minutes.2. Disinfecting and sterilizingIt could kill 77.62% bacteria after disinfecting 5 minutes according to the inspection of the center of disease precaution and control of beijing.3. Eliminating memory of cell.Chaliyuan mobile phone charger could effectively eliminate memory of cell and retrieval long standby time.4. AdvertisingIt has an extractive advertisement light case with acoustic function in front, so you can produce the sound advertisements. And there is a pamphlet frame(circle box), which could pose propagandist document. And also the machine itself is a stereo advertisement carrier that can be printed video advertisement.Main characteristics1. It suits for brands of mobile phones all over the world.2. It has functions of limiting currency, limiting voltage, limiting temperature and preventing short circuit.3. It has functions of automatically returning coins and adjusting charging status.4. It can serve for many units of mobile phone simultaneously.Main purpose:1. Firstly, you can set the products at the stations, wharfs, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, newspaper-selling spots, entertainment places and tourism resorts, etc. To provide the emergency charging for the customers and make money from that.2. Secondly, the products also can be sold to the banks, hotels, mobile phone manufacturers for these enterprises to raise their images, highlight the service features and improve the competitive capability, and also you can earn the profits from that.3. Thirdly, you can put the chargers at the public places on which the enterprises can popularize them, from that, you can get the rich advertising fee.Acting as an agent of the chaliyuan mobile phone charging station, you do not have the tiredness of purchasing products and delivering products, the pressure of renting and salary, and the worries of overstocking, but the happiness of collecting money.
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