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Nan’an Jinhan Stone Co.,Ltd
Phase 2 Fushan industrial, Shuitou Town, Nan`an City, China


Product excellence: 1. Used by individual that percent of infect also can reduce. 2. Don t use the abscission albumen slice anymore. 3. Lengthen the lens life-span even the abdicant type contact lenses. 4. Use sinusoidal wave bubble technological principle. 5. Every day wash contact lenses only 5 minutes. 6. Power AC/DC switch. 7. Auto-timing and humanized call. 8. All kind of contact lens is can be clean. 9. Accept overall subscription for the 2nd generation of cleaner conforming to Environmental Protection Regulation 05. 10. The life-span of the cleaning machine almost has 3-5 years.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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 1) Output power:3W*12) Frequency response: 120 Hz-18KHz3) Horn Size:3inch*1/4Ω4) Built-in battery:lithium battery 3.7V/500MAH5) Input power: 5.0V            
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