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Xingtai Meitaikeer Medical Technology Co., Ltd
Room 3-1, floor 3, No. 34, Jiefang Road, Neiqiu County


VET 1010 Series Vet Mobile Digital Radiography SystemProfessional image acquisition and processing systemDICOM 3.0 interface supports concise image processing and work list output.Advanced Technology(vet Medical digital radiography x ray VET 1010)Innovative A-Si Flat Panel Detector1,Mature flat-panel detector ensures excellent image quality and reliable clinical diagnosis.2,Fast imaging time, high efficiency, directly imaging in computer without film processing.Optimized Human -- Friendly Design1,Multiple self - protection and fault alarming function, safe and reliable.2,Automatically save parameters when suddenly power off, no lose of data.Incomparable Flexibility of veterinary x-ray machine digital radiography VET 10101,Movable in any field, convenient to fix vet animals on the table.2,Hihg quality X-ray monoblock can rotate ± 90°.3,Rocker can move up and down with advanced counter balance technology.4,Foldable detector bracket.Unique Clinical Experience1,High quality x-ray monoblock assures more details, less dose.2,Wireless remote control exposure, penetrate obstacles, more convenient to operate.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Usage of Cheap Fluoroscopy X Ray For Sale PLX160AHigh Frequency medical X-ray equipment is combined with  type of high-frequency X-ray photography diagnostic equipment, which is used in radiology
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Features of X-Ray System made in china PLD87001. 1000mA digital gastrointestinal configurations support a wide variety of clinical applications.2. Advanced spare parts accompanying with image processi
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Белые чаи самый тонкий из всех чаев. Они на пару и сушат только, так отпуск внешний вид существенно изменяется
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 1) Output power:3W*12) Frequency response: 120 Hz-18KHz3) Horn Size:3inch*1/4Ω4) Built-in battery:lithium battery 3.7V/500MAH5) Input power: 5.0V            
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Features of 50KW U-arm Digital Radiography On Sale PLX8500C/D1 Integrated flat-panel detector with optimum coverage.2 Optimized design and unique operation,make you work flow even more efficient.3 Adv
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9art-gallery is located at one of the largest oil painting producing bases in the world Wu Shi Pu  oil painting village,Xiamen,China,wHICH specializes in oil paintings design,production,framing and s

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