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Nan’an Jinhan Stone Co.,Ltd
Adresse :
Phase 2 Fushan industrial, Shuitou Town, Nan`an City, China
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VET 1010 Series Vet Mobile Digital Radiography SystemProfessional image acquisition and processing systemDICOM 3.0 interface supports concise image processing and work list output.Advanced Technology(vet Medical digital radiography x ray VET 1010)Innovative A-Si Flat Panel Detector1,Mature flat-panel detector ensures excellent image quality and reliable clinical diagnosis.2,Fast imaging time, high efficiency, directly imaging in computer without film processing.Optimized Human -- Friendly Design1,Multiple self - protection and fault alarming function, safe and reliable.2,Automatically save parameters when suddenly power off, no lose of data.Incomparable Flexibility of veterinary x-ray machine digital radiography VET 10101,Movable in any field, convenient to fix vet animals on the table.2,Hihg quality X-ray monoblock can rotate ± 90°.3,Rocker can move up and down with advanced counter balance technology.4,Foldable detector bracket.Unique Clinical Experience1,High quality x-ray monoblock assures more details, less dose.2,Wireless remote control exposure, penetrate obstacles, more convenient to operate.
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