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Nan’an Jinhan Stone Co.,Ltd
Phase 2 Fushan industrial, Shuitou Town, Nan`an City, China


9art-gallery is located at one of the largest oil painting producing bases in the world Wu Shi Pu  oil painting village,Xiamen,China,wHICH specializes in oil paintings design,production,framing and sales.Our persistent pursue is to "spread art,and beautify your life"Let art become one part of your life,make your home and offices become more beautiful and tasteful.Our professional design group consists of many young designers who have art bachelor and abovs degrees,and many high-qualified painters with over 10 years experiences.We can provide customized paintings according to your style and need.The products can go with your home decoration and office surroundings.Most of our products are exported to America and Europe,the special styles are appreciated in many countries with different cultures.   Paintings can be in any size as per request. Purchase from us will be at wholesale prices, order no minimum. Our online Gallery have a large number of images for you to select. Such as People, Religion, Impressionist, Abstracts, Landscape, Animal, Still life, Nude, etc.., Please contact us by Email or fax about detailed order information.http://www.9art-gallery.com
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Лю Бао чай
Liu pao tea (Лю Бао чай)
Он содержит высокое содержание липазы, чем другие виды чая в дополнение к различным видам незаменимые аминок
mammography equipment for sale MEGA 600
mammography equipment for sale MEGA 600 (mammography equipment for sale MEGA 600)
Features of professional Digital Mammography x ray MEGA 600:1 breast mammography is integrating designed,with beautiful appearance,manual 2 operation,convenient operation and use;3 Use the most popula
medical x-ray machine seller PLD7200B
medical x-ray machine seller PLD7200B (medical x-ray machine seller PLD7200B)
Usages of  medical diagnostic X ray radiography machine PLD7200BThis digital radiographic machine is available for medical teaching, research, medical units for X-ray spot film gastrointestinal p
таяние & очистки печи чайник eb4067
Melting & Refining Furnaces Kettle EB4067 (таяние & очистки печи чайник eb4067)
Detailed Description:Material Grade: Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel;Quality Level: As per National Standard & International Standards.Production Process: Sand ProcessIncluding machining process,su
Mobile Surgical Table for C-arm PLXF152
Mobile Surgical Table for C-arm PLXF152 (Mobile Surgical Table for C-arm PLXF152)
Usages of Mobile X Ray Radiography Table PLXF152 This  x ray bed is a device for the hospital's consultation, treatment and surgical use. It applies to X-ray  medical inspection.Features
mobile type medical x-ray equipments PLX101D
mobile type medical x-ray equipments PLX101D (mobile type medical x-ray equipments PLX101D)
Application of Competitive mobile x-ray unit PLX101Dtype of medical x ray machines PLX101D   is combined with high-frequency X-ray photography diagnostic equipment, which is used in radiolog
mobile x ray bed PLXF153
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Specifications of  X ray Mobile Table PLXF1531.X Ray Compatible Operation Room Bed 2.surgical x ray table 3.medical x ray machine 4.brand of Perlove Medical  Application of mobile x ray bed
Mometasone furoate
Mometasone furoate (Mometasone furoate)
Mometasone furoate English Synonyms: SCH-32088;MOMETASONE 17-FUROATE;MOMETASONE FUROATE;NASONEX;(11-beta,16-alpha)-xy-16-methyl;pregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione,9,21-dichloro-17-((2-furanylcarbonyl)ox
Multi-parameter Patient Monitor from China JP2000-07
Multi-parameter Patient Monitor from China JP2000-07 (Multi-parameter Patient Monitor from China JP2000-07)
Application of Portable ICU Patient Monitor JP2000-07For adult,children,inffans,ICU,operation room, emergency room,each deparrtment;the ambulance,visits, community hospital.Main monitoring parameters

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