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Nan’an Jinhan Stone Co.,Ltd
Phase 2 Fushan industrial, Shuitou Town, Nan`an City, China


Features of professional Digital Mammography x ray MEGA 600:1 breast mammography is integrating designed,with beautiful appearance,manual 2 operation,convenient operation and use;3 Use the most popular keyboard,Optical mouse operation;4 large screen high resolution colorful display,low radiation,clear and bright image.Application of mammography equipment for sale MEGA 6001 Detect galactocele accurately2 Detect intraductal papilloma 3 Detect proliferation of mammary gland and breast cancer Weight of x-ray device for mammography:240kgDensity Adjustment:16 density steps
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Mometasone furoate
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Mometasone furoate English Synonyms: SCH-32088;MOMETASONE 17-FUROATE;MOMETASONE FUROATE;NASONEX;(11-beta,16-alpha)-xy-16-methyl;pregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione,9,21-dichloro-17-((2-furanylcarbonyl)ox
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Application of Portable ICU Patient Monitor JP2000-07For adult,children,inffans,ICU,operation room, emergency room,each deparrtment;the ambulance,visits, community hospital.Main monitoring parameters
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9art-gallery is located at one of the largest oil painting producing bases in the world Wu Shi Pu  oil painting village,Xiamen,China,wHICH specializes in oil paintings design,production,framing and s
NS / General of fabric air dispersion ()
Constructed of NanosoxTM fabric in various permeability. Typically applied on all kinds of heating & cooling places with general comfort requirement.

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