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No.16,41rd Industrial Park, Taichung, Taiwan


*3 inch jaws*Bends and flattens metal.*Makes permanent, tight fittingseams at 1/4 inch increments on sideof jaws*Non-slip vinyl cushion*All steel construction
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Перфорация Tool
 Hole Punch Tool (Перфорация Tool)
*Use to punch additional slots in the cutedge of siding when the panel must benailed or stapled as required.*The elongated slot allows for normalexpansion and contraction fromtemperature changes.*Sidi
Магнитные инструменты
 Magnetic Tools (Магнитные инструменты)
1)LONGJER NO: WM-HARROW MAGNETIC WELDING HOLDER*Specification:50lb*Carbon steel body,paint-red.(2)LONGJER NO.: MGD-HMAGNETIZER-DEMAGNETIZER*Powerful magnet specially designed for magnetizing and demag
Металл Punch
 Metal Punch (Металл Punch)
LONGJER NO: 752-0501PR5mm METAL PUNCH*Cuts hole: 5mm,20AWG,alloy aluminum body,HSS punch
Offset Канальные Носилки
 Offset Duct Stretcher (Offset Канальные Носилки)
* Same features as DS1 plus offset handle to eliminate knuckle contact.
Щипцы для листового металла
 Sheet Metal Crimper (Щипцы для листового металла)
*Perfect crimps for a tighter fitting, leakproof connections*Non-slip vinyl cushion grips*All steel construction
Замком-защелкой Punch
 SNAP Lock Punch (Замком-защелкой Punch)
* Forged cutting jaw holds edge longer and assures burr free cut.* Punch impression spaced 3 / 8 inch from edge of metal* Non-slip vinyl cushion grips, all steel construction.
Прямо Канальные Носилки
 Straight Duct Stretcher (Прямо Канальные Носилки)
* Same features as DS1 plus straight handle to eliminate knuckle contact.
12 дюймов складные инструменты
 12 Inch Folding Tools (12 дюймов складные инструменты)
( 1) LONGJER NO: : 639-604812 inch FOLDING TOOLS* 3 / 8 inch, and 1 inch folding depths( 2) LONGJER NO: : 639-6048-1818 inch FOLDING TOOLS* 3 / 8 inch, and 1 inch folding depths.
2-В Мути-калибровочные
 2-In-1 Muti-Gauge (2-В  Мути-калибровочные)
*Wire gauge :1/2 inch to No.20(0.035 inch)*Also includes 3 inchruler for measuring screw lengths.*Hole gauge:1/8 inch to 1-1/8 inch.*Made of stanless steel.

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