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No.16,41rd Industrial Park, Taichung, Taiwan


*Wire gauge :1/2 inch to No.20(0.035 inch)*Also includes 3 inchruler for measuring screw lengths.*Hole gauge:1/8 inch to 1-1/8 inch.*Made of stanless steel.
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Алюминиевый сплав 300mm Multi-Purpose Угол площади
 300mm Aluminium Alloy Multi-Purpose Angle Square (Алюминиевый сплав 300mm Multi-Purpose Угол площади)
300mm aluminium alloy multi-purpose angle square* blade: width: 4. 95cm; thickness: 1. 8mm.* scale: in / metric system.* aluminium base with a protractor which fixed up by screw.* base compose with tw
6 / 150mm Digital Штангенциркуль
 6 / 150mm Digital Caliper (6 / 150mm Digital Штангенциркуль)
6 inch / 150mm digital caliper* IP-54 water proof.* ABS. Function (a b=*)* stainless steel, with metric / inch & inch-frac system conversion.* reading: 0. 01mm / 0. 0005 inch / 1 / 64 inch* LCD displa
Отрегулируйте-Thread Реставратор
 Adjust-Thread Restorer (Отрегулируйте-Thread Реставратор)
Adjust-thread restorer* hss 55-angle blade, hrc62.* adjustable cuts: m4-m45* zinc body, cr-plated
Авто Офорт Pen
 Auto Etching Pen (Авто Офорт Pen)
Auto etching pen* carbide tip pull-type* heavy duty type, aluminum body, plastic-holder, w / pocket clip
Авиация Тина Snips
 Aviation Tin Snips (Авиация Тина Snips)
( 1) LONGJER NO. : 639-K( 2) LONGJER NO. : 639-CRAVIATION TIN SNIPS-R* Cuts right from tight curves to straight.* Fully-hardened component* Induction hardened component.* CRV (# 6150) -blade, hardened
Наберите пластиковые Vernier Штангенциркуль
 Dial Plastic Vernier Caliper (Наберите пластиковые Vernier Штангенциркуль)
*DIAL READING: 0.1mm*ABS-plastic body-white color,w/dial
 Engraver (Гравер)
ENGRAVER*Power:2pc AAA battery*RPM:12,000.-15,000*Shank:2.35mm,w/diamond tipped.*Hold the engraver as a pen and light.
 Gauge (Калибровочная)
( 1) LONGJER NO: 524-0448-22I22 PC WHITWORTH Pitch Gauge* High carbon steel, hardened.* 22pc: 4-4. 5-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-14-16-18- 19-20-22-24-26-28-32-40-48. Tooth / inch( 2) LONGJER NO: 524-2560-24M2
Рука Notcher
 Hand Notcher (Рука Notcher)
* Makes a 30 V corner notch forHand fabricating rectangular metal duct.* 13 / 16 inch throat depth* All steel construction, Forged cutting jaw* Non-slip vinyl cushion grips

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