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Shaheen Enterprises

Refined Salt And Its Associated Products

SHAHEEN ENTERPRISESWe are registered Global Exporter of Natural Rock Salt, Refined Salt, Crystal Salt, Himalayan salt and its associated products. We are member of SGS Pakistan and Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Karachi. Our product is verified from ISO certified laboratories and we ensure timely delivery of prepared goods.

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Other goods of this manufacturer :
Salted Sheep Casing
We are registered Manufacturer, Processor & Global Exporter of natural salted Sheep and Beef Casings since 1983. Our quality control and standards have been duly approved by European Union. We are mem
Garment Sewing Machines Similar To Juki
 Garment Sewing Machines Similar To Juki ( Garment Sewing Machines Similar To Juki)
We are sole agents for `CELSTAR` (china) brand sewing machines, suitable for all types of garments. The machines are of international quality, exported to europe and middle east. Certified Iso 9001 an
Juki Loop Attaching Machine
 Juki Loop Attaching Machine ( Juki Loop Attaching Machine)
Juki automatic loop attching machine. usedmodel 100p, double needle
Used Shoe Machines
 Used Shoe Machines ( Used Shoe Machines)
We can supply all kinds of shoe making making new and used international brands
Gathering Machine
Used pfaff gathering machine for garments. In good working order
PFAFF Semi Automatic Serger
Used pfaff 3803 semi automatic serger. Overlock machine for suits, jeans etc
Post Bed Sewing Machine For Leather With Japanese Spares
We are sole dealers and agents for Celstar brand sewing machines for leather- we can provide, post bed single and double needle machines, skiving machines, zigzag machines, The machines are Iso 9001,
Sewing Machinery
We are sole agents and dealers for celstar brand sewing machines from shanghai and hongkong for india. Machines are similar to juki and are exported to europe and middle east.It is iso 9000 and ce tuv
Special Machines For Garments
We can supply all kinds of specialized machinery for garment and apparel industry used machines from 2000 to 2004, machines like pocket welting, loop attaching, sergers, gerber cutters, laying machine

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