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We are publishing below the step-by-step description and graphic chart of Asia .ru system to help you obtain better idea of its functioning.
Price list and contact info of a supplier company are registered with Asia .ru office (see "Conditions for Participation" for the details).
The information submitted by the seller is entered into the Asia .ru portal database.
Russian visitors browse the portal pages and choose the products of interest for them. For example, by requesting the category "cell phones" a would-be buyer receives a full list of mobile communicators from selected country.
A buyer selects the best-suited product from all the presented, and obtains the information of the supplier.
A customer finds the supplier's contact info provided at enrollment, in the company profile, and gets in touch with him.
If necessary, the buyer and the seller contact Asia .ru official representative offices in their respective countries to get help in delivery and other transaction stages.
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