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 Company(s): Sing Lin Technology
 Company details  
 Company:     Sing Lin Technology
 Address:     No.10, 1F, Shien-Cheng 1st Street. Chu-Pei City, Hsinchu, Taiwan , Taiwan
 Phone:    +886-3-5585252
 Web-address:     http://www.lexem.com.tw

Established in 2004, Lexem Technology Co., Ltd, located in Chu-Pei City, is one of the leading companies dealing in mechanical components/facilities & electronic/computer peripherals and consumables.


There are 2 main business units, one is the machine/automation control design department, the other is computer peripheral/consumable department.  We have factories specialize in manufacturing ball screws, linear guideways, ball bearings, brand new-compatible or remanufactured inkjet cartridges.  With expertise specialized in mold design and tooling fabrication, we now offer total solutions and provide full range of high precision plastic / metal; electronic / industrial parts, and whole automation plant design. In addition, through our service channels, computer peripherals particularly in brand new compatible toner / inkjet cartridge, MP3 / MP4 players, digital photo frames, USB flash drives, all kinds of memory cards. . . could also be easily obtained.


With enthusiasm and commitment, Lexem is always in line for supporting our world-wide customers.


Contact Lexem; expect achievement!

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