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 Company(s): SUIT IN CO., LTD.
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 Company:     SUIT IN CO., LTD.
 Address:     4F No. 71, Dong-Feng St., Da-An Dist., Taipei 10691, Taiwan , Taiwan
 Phone:    +886-2-27074776
 Web-address:     http://www.suitin.com.tw

Suit May has been spread out to focus on industrial safety product and clean room equipment for more than one decade.  We should be your best partner in tapes, back support/knee pads, goggles, spectacles, helmet, ear muffs, heel grounders, wrist straps, table mat, disposable products, chrome-plated carts and so on to meet your satisfaction.  We are also oriented of customization if you have your own design of products, it will be acceptable and most welcome.  And we have been strongly committed to work closely with every customer for the benefit of all.

We also emphasize quality control and increasing to bring good reputation.  We should be the best choice if you are looking for a reliable business partner.  We always stand ready to work with you. 


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