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 Company(s): Great Wall (Optical) Plastic Works Ltd.
 Company details  
 Company:     Great Wall (Optical) Plastic Works Ltd.
 Address:     7/F., Tai Tung Ind. Bldg., 29-33 Tsing Yi Rd., Tsing Yi Island, N.T., Hong Kong , Hong Kong
 Phone:    +852-2395-5265
 Web-address:     http://www.greatwalloptical.com.hk

Company Description:

Over 40 years experience in the optical industry, the Greatwall (Optical) Plastic Works LTD., subsidiaries of the Hong Kong listed company, Cosmos Machinery Enterprises LTD. (HKSE: 0118.HK), has grown from a modest beginning to its present size and magnitude. Established in Hong Kong since 1960`s, central offices and factories have been setup in Hong Kong in the early 60`s, and Donguan, in the 90`s.
Progressing steadily since inception, Greatwall has built up an unrivaled reputation in Optical Industrial and specializing in magnifiers and microscopes. Its popular brand
" Waltex " and        " Lumagny " have become well established in Hong Kong, China & US despite local and foreign competitions. With the very latest manufacturing facilities for top quality products, professional technical teams for research and developments and customer oriented marketing & sales teams for quality services, Greatwall continues to be one of the leading magnifiers and microscopes manufacturers in the region.
Innovation has been the key to Greatwall`s success, with continual development of new products and manufacturing technology. Moreover, we are continually reviewing and upgrading logistics, marketing, distribution, product design practices. In these ways, we have become established as one of the most forward thinking companies in the industry.

Our Business:

Since 1960`s Greatwall Optical has led the way in the field of magnifiers and microscope and production in the Asia-Pacific region. The core of our business is the design and production of a wide range of high-quality branded magnifiers and microscopes. Each product is carefully designed and created to exhibit specific properties that exactly satisfy their conditions of use, as well as conforming to high quality and other required standards

 Business Philosophy:

We value our relationships with our business partners and employees. It is our belief that the relationships with our customers and suppliers should be mutually developed to attain long-term growth and benefits.
We believe in the importance of team spirit and recognize that each employee contributes towards the success of the Company. We resolve to develop and to motivate our people to their full potential by providing opportunities for career growth along with the appropriate incentives and rewards.
We are dedicated to supporting activities, which contribute to the well being of the society.  


We are the leader in the region in supplying high quality magnifiers and microscope, and in providing outstanding customer service. It is our goal to gain customer satisfaction.

  • We capitalise on today`s new trend in the global markets to sustain our leading position
  • We continuously invest in the research and development to enhance our reputation in the specific technology
  • We proactively liaise with our customers to meet and constantly strive to exceed their expectations

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