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Mehta Steels


Mehta Steels Stockist of Rails: Mehta Steels is one of the oldest steel trading companies in Bhilai maintaining ready stock of prime heavy Rails , Light Rails , I.U Rails & Rites Inspected t-12 Rails. I.U.RAILS OR INDUSTRIAL USE RAILS: The rails manufactured for the use in Industries are called industrial use Rails or IU Rails. Following are the dimensions available with Mehta Steels of I.U. Rails: Lengths Available: The Crane Rails are available in the 10 to 13 meters in length in ready Stock Custom Lengths: The Custom Lenghths are considered as special orders for further details write to us at ankit.mehta@mehtasteels.com Profile Weight Kg/Mtrs Top Width (mm) Base Width (mm) Height Width(mm) Web Width(mm) UIC 60 60.34 72 150 172 18 IRS 52 51.89 67 136 156 15.5
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LMS (light melting scrap) used consumer tin can bundles:Mehta Steels has emerged as a leading supplier of used consumer LMS tin can bundles in India and neighbouring countries. Mehta Steels is a trust
Mehta Steels is stockiest of complete range of PlatesMild Steel Plates serves various purpose such as making general structural , flanging & forming , atmospheric corrosion resistance products , b
Mehta Steels leader in Crane Rails Mehta Steels is one of the largest ISO certified steel trading company maintaining ready stock of prime
‘Mehta Steels’ has tons of experience in the business of ferrous scrap imports , stock & trading.Mehta Steels has close tie ups with scrap yards, scrap demolishes, shredders and scrap processors a
Mehta Steels is a experienced supplier of Hot Rolled Sheets & Coils:Hot Rolled Coils , Hot Rolled Sheets , Commonly Known or traded as HR Sheets & HR Coils. Mehta Steels has experience of several year
Definition of Incinerated steel scrap as per European Steel Scrap Specification: fragmentised scrap from incineration Fragmentized incinerator scrap. Loose steel scrap processed through

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