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Mehta Steels


LMS (light melting scrap) used consumer tin can bundles:Mehta Steels has emerged as a leading supplier of used consumer LMS tin can bundles in India and neighbouring countries. Mehta Steels is a trusted company for procuring this products as the team of Mehta steels ensures right quality of materials to be loaded in each containers by strict inspection of each loads. The quality of material is thoroughly explained to each customer before accepting orders.LMS tin can bundles:The Light melting scrap made by compressing used consumer tin cans in bales by a heavy duty bailer this bundles are mixed of all kind of ferrous or steel sheet cans like empty food boxes , paint containers oil containers , soft drink cans , any kind of steel packing used in consumer goods.consumer tin can bundles:LMS consumer tin cans in Shredded or loose form :Mehta Steels can supply the LMS tin cans in shredded form to those who prefer this materials in loose. The raw materials for bundles and shredded both are common the only difference is the processing methods the shredded lms is made by passing the steel packing materials by a shredder and this material is normally light.LoadingFor lms tin can bundlesLoading in 20 ft Containers: between 23 to 27 mt ( depending on transport norms of load port)For lms tin can shredded scrap:Loading in 20 ft Containers: between 21 to 23 mt ( depending on transport norms of load port).ShipmentMehta Steels always ensure shipments to take place within 15 days from the date of receipt of P.O and payments from customers.Delivery portsFor containerized cargosAll Indian container ports including all internal container depots (ICD).For purchase requirements send us your enquiries to ankit.mehta@mehtasteels.comPhoto gallery of LMS TIN CAN scrap supplied by Mehta steels:
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