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Информация о производителе
A Point Technology Co., Ltd.
7f., No.379, Jung Shan Rd., San Chung City 241, Taipei County, Taiwan, San Chung City, TW, Taiwan


1. Type: SMT Type / SMT Mini 32 Pin2. Insulator Material: PPS3. Color: Brown4. Package: Tube / Tape and Reel (for SMT and SMT Mini 32 Pin only)5. RoHS Compliance
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D-SUB Connector
(1)Type: (High Density)Right Angle/ (High Density)Straight(2) Single Port/ Dual Port(3) Male/ Female(4) Board Lock: with/ without(5) Screw: with/ without/ attached(6) Nut: 4.8mm/ 5.8mm(7) RoHS Complia
Mini-DIN разъем
(1)type: Male/female(2)pin no.:3~10(3)angle: Right angle/straight(4)we also provide customized cable assembly.(5)rohs compliance
Mini PCI Express разъем
(1) Pin No.: 52(2) Height: 8.0mm/ 9.0mm/ 10.5mm(3) Housing Material: LCP Black(4) Packing: Tape and Reel(5) RoHS Compliance
(1)Pitch:1.27mm/2.00mm/2.54mm(2)Pin Row: Single Row/Double Rows(3)1 Insulator/2 Insulators(4)Contact Type: Straight/Right Angle/SMT(5)RoHS Compliance
(1)Type: Male/Female; A type/B type; Mini USB(2)We also provide customized cable assembly.(3)RoHS compliance
Совет Совет Connector
 Board To Board Connector (Совет Совет Connector)
(1)pitch:0.8mm(2)type: Plug/cap(3)height:3.00mm/5.00mm/5.50mm(4)no. Of pin:12/24/30/40(5)can be used on notebook.(6)rohs compliance
Кабельные Ассамблеи
 Cable Assembly (Кабельные Ассамблеи)
1. Customized cable assembly2. Can assembled with usb, startac, mini din, etc.3. Rohs compliance
FFC / FPC Connector
 FFC / FPC Connector (FFC / FPC Connector)
1. Pitch:0.5mm/1.0mm/1.25mm2. Contact Type: Top Contact/Bottom Contact/Straight Type3. Cable Entry Type: Top Entry/Side Entry (ZIF-Slide Type/Piano Type; Non ZIF)4. RoHS Compliance
IDC разъем
 IDC Connector (IDC разъем)
1. Type: Socket/Dip Plug2. Pitch:2.00mm/2.54mm3. Strain Relief (only for Socket): With/without4. Center Bump (only for Socket): With/without5. Housing Width (only for Dip Plug):0.1"x 0.1"/0.

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