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ACME Portable Corp.
5F, No.25, Wu-Chuan 3rd RD., Wu-Ku Ind. Park, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei, TW, Taiwan


Features:Meets EIA310c & IEC-3 specifications.One set built-in Keyboard, touch pad,1U,15" or 17" monitor with 8 ports KVM switch.Heavy-duty steel.With high brightness TFT LCD Panel.Anti-glare tempered glass for added protection to the LCD screen.Membrane keyboard in 105 keys, with touch pad.Separate tracks for keyboard and LCD panel, with self-locking device.Support DOS, Windows OS, Netware, SCO Unix, HP Unix, LinuxEasy PC selection via ON Screen Display Manual.Support eight characters password protection and search PC server nameAuto scan mode for monitoring PCs.Using standard keyboard, mouse, VGA cable.Specification:442.4(W) 44.5(H) 590(D)13.5Kgs17" TFT LCD,1280*1024,300 nits,160 viewing angle, contrast ratio 450:1Daisy chain max level up to 8 levelsMax PC Connection up to 120 set with extra KVM Switch boxFCC, CE, ROHS approval
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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