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No.30-3, Lane 393, Yuantong Rd., Zhonghe City, Taipei County 235, Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan


Active/Passive 1 x video channel transceiver up to 1500 mAlong with the development of the CCTV, its more and more necessary to utilize a kind of high-quality and low-priced video transferring method. The traditional coaxial cable and fibre-optical transferring methods can only solve the short and long-distance video transferring problems, however, the picture signal transferring for a distance around 1000 meters becomes the bottle-neck of the monitoring field. A series of twisted-pair video transferring equipment researched and developed by AD-net Technology Co. Ltd. use one of the four non-sheltering Cable 5 or above twisted-pairs to transfer the basic band video signal with high-quality, and can realize the transferring of one or more high-quality video signal or control signal in the same cable. Whats more, the signals will not interfere with each other with the nominal transferring distance between 0~1500 meters. This kind of twisted-pair video transferring equipment has super strong anti-interference ability, which makes it the best choice in such strong-interfering environments as the lift, concrete plant, steel plant and electric plant etc.This kind of transferring method has lots of advantages such as convenient wiring, simple installation, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, good transferring effects and low system cost etc. Its utilization has brought great changes to the traditional wiring methods in all kinds of monitoring places as the intelligent building and residential districts. It provides a high performance/price ratio solution to the monitoring engineering system design.Better interference rejection than coaxUTP is less expensive than dedicated coax or fiberColor-coded cablingUnlimited bend radiusPhysically smaller than coaxEasiest media to install and reconfigureUTP is extremely easy to terminateIn many cases, the wire is already installed
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1/2/4 видеоканалов Симметрирующие устройства <1500 м
 1/2/4 Channels Video Baluns<1500 M (1/2/4 видеоканалов Симметрирующие устройства <1500 м)
AN-VB100/200/400 video balun/stretcher is designed to transmit 100~1500m video monitgoring signal over Cat5 cables. It needs low cost cables only, and uses cat 5/over 5 shield/not shield twisted-pair.
14 слотов 19 `Media Converter Ходовая часть
 14 Slots 19` Media Converter Chassis (14 слотов 19 `Media Converter Ходовая часть)
The AN-CH05 provides 14 module slots for any combination of media converter. This is an universal chassis for any type of AD-net universal media converters - same module in AN-CH05 can be used as stan
16 E1 + 1 Universal Slot SDH мультиплексора для вашего приложения
 16 E1 + 1 Universal Slot SDH Multiplexer For Your Application (16 E1 + 1 Universal Slot SDH мультиплексора для вашего приложения)
AN-miniSDH-C provides 16 fixed E1 G.703 ports and one universal slot. For the slot you can choose various card such as E1 card, V.35 card and Ethernet card according to different requestsAN-miniSDH-V
1U Уникальный MiniSDH платформы
 1U Unique MiniSDH Platform (1U Уникальный MiniSDH платформы)
AN-miniSDH is a carrier-class, cost-effective, compact (only 1U high) SDH/MSPP platform - up to 24 E1 G.703 + 4 x V35 + 4 Ethernet 10/100 and 8 x STM-1!As a key member of AD-net SDH/MSPP Product famil
4E1 и 2 Ethernet И 2 V35 1U SDH мультиплексора
 4e1 And 2 Ethernet And 2 V35 1u Sdh Mux (4E1 и 2 Ethernet И 2 V35 1U SDH мультиплексора)
AN-miniSDH-V - industries most compact SDH terminal multiplexer 4 E1 G.703 + 2xV35 and 1 Ethernet over STM-1DESCRIPTIONAN-MINISDH-V is a compact SDH TM with STM-1 interface. It can connect with any st
60 км Расстояние Gigabit WDM Bidi Media Converter
 60 Km Distance Gigabit Wdm Bidi Media Converter (60 км Расстояние Gigabit WDM Bidi Media Converter)
AN-UMG130/150 series comply with IEEE 802.3z/ab Gigabit Ethernet standard single fiber converter is designed with an optic wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM technology that transports bi-direction
63 E1 Over STM SDH Fiber Mux
 63 E1 Over STM-1 SDH Fiber Mux (63 E1 Over STM  SDH Fiber Mux)
AN-SDH63 is compact 1U SDH STM-1 multiplexer which can send up to 63 E1 over fiber optical links (now WDM available!)As a key member of AD-net SDH/MSPP Product family, AN-SDH63 is a carrier-class, cos
8E1 + Ethernet Fiber Mux <120 км (WDM | MM | SM)
 8E1 + Ethernet Fiber Mux< 120 km (WDM | MM | SM) (8E1 + Ethernet Fiber Mux <120 км (WDM | MM | SM))
The AN-FM-240/ETH is a fiber media transport for 8E1 + 1 10/100BaseT transmission.The BNC model provides unbalanced 75 Ohm coaxial connections while the RJ-45 model provides balanced 120 Ohm connectio
8xE1 G.703 To Ethernet Converter (обратная Mux)
 8xE1 G.703 To Ethernet Converter (inverse Mux) (8xE1 G.703 To Ethernet Converter (обратная Mux))
AN-8E1-ETH mux provides conversion from 1 to 8 E1 channels to Ethernet interface. Supports 1 to 8 E1 channels setting, it can detect the number of E1 channel and select available channel.If you need t

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