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Cixi Yulian Sealing&Packing Manufactory
Inside An`dong Town Industrial Park, Cixi, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


These sheets are produced by laminating or gluing expanded graphite paper to both sides of barb-punched base sheet made of 304, 316, 316L, tinplate or other cold rolled metal. These laminated sheets are used in the manufacturing of flange sealing, and sealing gaskets for air cylinder caps.Outer packing: in cartons or wooden cases
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Конструкции графита Ламинированные листа
 Reinforced Expanded Graphite Laminated Sheet (Конструкции графита Ламинированные листа)
These sheets are produced by laminating or gluing expanded graphitepaper to both sides of barb-punched base sheet made of 304, 316, 316L,tinplate or other cold rolled metal.These laminated sheets are
Графита Cloth
This cloth is woven from YL-1272 expanded graphite yarns, and is soft, resilientand resistant to high temperatures. It is an ideal substitute for asbestos fabricsfor fireproofing and flame insulation,
Graphite Tape
Product Name: Graphite TapeModel Number: YL-1274Place of Origin: ChinaTest item Test resultTolerance of thickness ±0.03mmTolerance of density ±0.05g/cm3Ash content 0.42%Carbon content 99.30%
Графит Пряжа
Expanded graphite yarns are made of twists of low-sulfur expanded graphite combinedwith reinforcing materials, and are suitable for weaving of expanded graphitebraided packing.A wide variety of reinfo
Graphtie листов армированной SS304
We can produce:Graphite flat sheet with ss304Graphite flat sheet with ss316Graphite flat sheet with carbon steelGraphite punched sheet with ss304Graphite punched sheet with ss316Graphite punched sheet
PTFE tube is resistant to corrosive chemicals.It is insulated and has a low co-efficient of friction.It could be used to make seals, insulated materials.It could be also used to reduce friction in Mac
Самоклеющиеся Графит квартира Tube
This is a new item which is made from two sides of graphite tube together and shape it as flat. One of the side is self-adhesive. Its an ideal item to used in filler sealing.
Spiral Wound Прокладка
Product Name: Spiral Wound GasketModel Number: YL-2126Place of Origin: ChinaSpiral wound gaskets are composed of non-metallic packing tapes(including expanded graphite, PTFE, special asbestos and non-
Тефлон (PTFE) Пряжа
We have a big volume stock of teflong / PTFE yarn at this moment which can be used in braided PTFE packing with very competitive price. It will be an ideal raw material for the manufactory of PTFE pac

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