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Xuzhou Huamei Co., Ltd
No. 235 West Huaihai Road Xuzhou Jiangsu, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


Vaginoscope image workstation (vaginoscope medicine image workstation, vaginoscope workstation) characteristic:1. Vaginoscopes images workstation (vaginoscope medicine image workstation, vaginoscope workstation) use the friendly graph user contact surface, direct-viewing is easy to study, draws close to the user.2. Vaginoscopes images workstation (vaginoscope medicine image workstation, vaginoscope workstation) use the quick button direct operation, doctor does not need to carry out the troublesome menu order, thus greatly enhanced the working efficiency.3. Vaginoscopes images workstation (vaginoscope medicine image workstation, vaginoscope workstation) operate has the dynamic track prompt function, if you are operate for the first time perhaps forgot the chart sign button the function, only mustPause for half second the mouse indicator on the button underneath, then may be right in the mouse obtains the button function the dynamic track prompt.4. Sharp image real time displays, the convenient teaching and the multi-people observe, the doctors consulation.5. Difference which disposes according to the equipment, free choice video signal and video frequency service pattern.6. Wilfully adjusts the dynamic picture brightness, the contrast gradient, the color, the degree of saturation.7. Vaginoscopes images workstation (vaginoscope medicine image workstation, vaginoscope workstation) may turn on many video signal, and may the real-time transformation video frequency source, realize "machine multipurpose".8. 1 patients have corresponding the dynamic picture storehouse, this picture storehouse may gather and preserve the non-restriction picture, simultaneously this picture storehouse but clear is spatial along with the newly built patient.9. According to needs the free choice video frequency form and the image size.10. The free establishment courtyard department information, fills in or change information and so on courtyard departmentName, table name, outset sequence number and spot, clinical judgment.
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