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Информация о производителе
Qingdao Xinzehao Trading Co. Ltd.
Room 402, Unit 3, Building 45, Xiao Yao Garden, 106 Jiangxi Road, , Qingdao, Shandong, China (Mainland)


We can supply Stone Chocolate and Sunflower Seeds Chocolate.Packing:500g 50g and so on.We also can packing and produce Chocolate agains buyers requirement.If you are interested it, please contact us!
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Сладкие Картофельный крахмал
 Sweet Potato Starch (Сладкие Картофельный крахмал)
Specification:Moisture:Ash Content:Acidity: 6Quantity: 25kgs/Bag 19.5MTS/20
 Wheat Flour (Мука)
Specification:Moisture: 13. 5% Wet Gluten: 29%Ash: 0. 65% Protein: 9. 5-10. 5Water Absorption: 56 Stability: 7-8Quantity: 25kgs / Bag 22MTS / 20FCLPacking: In P. P Woven Bag
Мука для использования животных
 Wheat Flour For Animal Use (Мука для использования животных)
Specification:Moisture: 14% Protein: 11-12%Ash: 1. 0-1. 1% Wet Gluten: 31-32%Quantity: 25Kgs / Bag 22MTS / 20FCLPacking: In P. P Woven Bag
Зародыши пшеницы
 Wheat Germ (Зародыши пшеницы)
Specification:Moisture: 14% Admixture: 0%Protein: 30% Vitamin: E, B1, B2Quantity: 500G or 1Kg / Bag 10Kgs / CtnPacking: In Ctn
Деревянная скульптура
 Wooden Carving (Деревянная скульптура)
Hands MadeMaterial: High-Density BoardSize:40cm x 40cm60cm x 60cm
Деревянный Кустарный
 Wooden Handicraft (Деревянный Кустарный)
Specifications:Hands MadeMaterial: High-Density BoardSize:40cm x 40cm60cm x 60cmWe can make each pictures against buyers inquirement. So buyer can supply design
Электрический канатный
We can supply electric rope for animal, details as follows:Size: Diameter 0.2mm x 5 200m/spoolWeight:0.6kgs/spoolWe also can supply other size, if you are interested in it, please contact us, we will
Пластиковые бутылки
Material: PETSize:150ml 24mmIt can be pack spices and other foods
Plastic Box
Material: P. P PE, PSSize: Any size

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