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Aetig Industry Co., Limited.
No. 101, Building P17, Southchina Industrial City, Pin Hu, Shenzhen, China, Prc, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Features1. No need line-of-sight placement and operation with digital radio technology and communication2. Offers fast scrolling and time saving button shortcuts3. Adopt 27mhz digital radio frequency technology and features 8 bit security codes to allow;several operations in short distance4. Components: Receiver & cordless keyboard5. Application: Windows 98 or higher version macintosh 816 or higher version
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We can supply ccd camera. And mini camera.
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Features1 No need line-of-sight placement and operation with Digital Radio Technology and Communication;2 Offers fast scrolling and time saving button shortcuts;3 Adopt 27MHz Digital Radio Frequency T
 Cable (Кабельный)
We supply cable, power cable.

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