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No.26, Lane 94, Kao Hua Street,, Yuin Kang City, Tainan Hsien, TW, Taiwan


GPS Vehicle Tracker APX-600 specification- SiRF Star III chipset- Compact locator tracker- Dimensions: 78 * 48 * 23 (mm)- Siemens TC65 GSM/GPRS Module- 4 bands (850/900/1800/1900 Mhz)- GSM, SMS, and GPRS communication- Remote command control via mobile- Very simple to install and easy to use- Locate and track your car at all time- True real-time tracking & monitoring- PC track, Notebook track & PDA track 3-in-1 tracking- Report car position at a preset time interval to your device- Can monitor the sound or conversation in the car from mobilephone by sending a SMS code to the AVL - w/o interfering thepersons in the car (very good for safety or detective purpose)- Includes the main unit, GPS & GPRS antenna, mini-microphone,AC charger, car charger, SIM card holder, + USB to RS232 cable.- A dedicated application software and accessories shipped withthe unit, so that you can use your own PC, NB, or PDA to do thetracking in house or office (no monthly service charge to pay)
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